Cases filed from April 12 to 16 in Gregg County civil court. Cases that end in an “A” were filed in the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in the County Court at Law 2:

2021-658-B Sandra Miller v. Kevin Neal Williams, Jacqueline Dudley and Jimmie Dudley, auto personal injury/damages

2021-659-B Amanda Ann Jones v. State of Texas, non disclosure

2021-670-B American Express National Bank v. Caprice Gates, breach of contract

2021-674-B Louis Bradley and Phyllis Bradley, et al. v. Troy Simms III, auto personal injury/damages

2021-657-A Idaho Housing and Finance Association v. unknown heirs at law of Randy Carlson, et al., foreclosure of lien

2021-668-A Tresa Smith v. Shon Smith, Jamie Smith and Blaine Smith, damages

2021-673-A American Express National Bank v. Hoodwood Enterprise LLC and Alex D. Lilly, breach of contract

2021-652-CCL2 JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. v. Alysia Amerson, breach of contract

2021-653-CCL2 Centerpoint Energy Resources Corp., doing business as Centerpoint Energy Texas Gas Operations v. R.J. Carroll Company, damages

2021-662-CCL2 Andy Lee Stroud Jr., Linda Louise Stroud and Harold Glenn Baird v. Basa Resources Inc., property damages

2021-663-CCL2 Nova Compression LLC, formerly MGC Equipment Company v. Churchill Oil and Gas LLC and Churchill Operating LLC, breach of contract

2021-665-CCL2 State of Texas v. Josefina Francisca Martinez-Santiago, et al., bond forfeiture

2021-671-CCL2 George Clark Dugger v. Felicia Blair, auto personal injury/damages

2021-672-CCL2 American Express National Bank v. Danny L. Rice, breach of contract

2021-681-CCL2 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company as subrogee of Judy Gilliland v. Samantha Calero, auto personal injury/damages

2021-694-CCL2 Maria Ramirez v. Mike Kitner, individually and doing business as, El Sombrero, damages

022266-CCL2 White Oak ISD v. David Chandler, et al., tax

022267-CCL2 White Oak ISD v. Dale Allen Sage, et al., tax

022268-CCL2 White Oak ISD v. Melissa Ann Thompson, tax

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