Cases filed from Jan. 6 to 10 in Gregg County civil court. Cases that end in an “A” were filed in the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in the County Court at Law 2:

2020-16-B Discover Bank v. Edward L. Hoffman, breach of contract

2020-34-B Investment Retrievers Inc. v. Sarita G. Rios, also known as Sarita Guadalupe Rios, and David M. Rios, also known as David Michael Rios, also known as David Rios, suit for deceptive trade practices and damages

2020-39-B Melanie McGee v. Progressive County Mutual Insurance Co., auto personal injury/damages

2020-46-B Ford Motor Credit Co. v. Steven Ferguson, breach of contract

2020-54-B Leroy Rader Funeral Home Inc. v. Nicole Springer, also known as Nicole Chavez

2020-62-B Unifund CCR LLC v. Mary L. Thetford, breach of contract

2020-68-B Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Shannon R. Lee, breach of contract

2216-H State of Texas v. Trehsuin Gipson, writ of habeas corpus

2217-H State of Texas v. Everson Dewayne Hall, writ of habeas corpus

2020-23-A Jaime Montano v. Texas Department of Public Safety, occupational license

2020-24-A Austin Bank Texas NA v. Stephanie R. Dyer, other civil

2020-38-A David Bouknight v. Elizabeth Anne Thomas, auto personal injury/damages

2020-45-A Unifund CCR LLC v. Cherinda N. Thompson, breach of contract

2020-53-A Bank of America NA v. Suzanne Barlow, breach of contract

2020-61-A Hugh Avery Holt v. Sha Vontay Michelle Brown and Progressive County Mutual Insurance Co., auto personal injury/damages

2020-66-A TBF Financial LLC v. Bill Jack Brutchin, doing business as Jack’s Welding Service, breach of contract

2020-74-A Sheri Finklea v. Rebecca Lynn Nolen, auto personal injury/damages

2020-19-CCL2 U.S. Bank NA v. Marisol Hilerio, other civil

2020-21-CCL2 Madilynn Snow v. Shawn Eric Sams, auto personal injury/damages

2020-35-CCL2 U.S. Bank, doing business as Elan Financial Services v. Richard Carroll, breach of contract

2020-37-CCL2 Longview Truck Center v. Harvey Trucking Services Inc., breach of contract

2020-42-CCL2 Longview Medical Center LP, doing business as Longview Regional Medical Center v. Vicki Fudge and Jerry Fudge, breach of contract

2020-44-CCL2 Unifund CCR LLC v. Michael C. Combs, breach of contract

2020-51-CCL2 Lisa Koehn, agent and attorney in fact for Prisalla Jane Mattox, and Prisalla Jane Mattox, individually v. Jeffrey Varnell Mackey, suit to remove cloud from title

2020-52-CCL2 Garret Kimble v. George Mitchell Jr., auto personal injury/damages

2020-55-CCL2 Leroy Rader Funeral Home Inc. v. Katlyn Solis, breach of contract

2020-58-CCL2 Rembert Zell Stevens v. H.L. Hailey Enterprises Inc., lease agreement

2020-63-CCL2 Unifund CCR LLC v. Courtney L. Toal, breach of contract

2020-65-CCL2 Bank of America NA v. Diane P. Sims, breach of contract

2020-72-CCL2 Brenda Denise Williams v. GEICO Choice Insurance Co., breach of contract

2020-73-CCL2 Andra Brooks, individually and as next friend of a minor v. Salatha Garrett, auto personal injury/damages