Cases filed from July 12 to July 16 in Gregg County civil court. Cases that end in an “A” were filed in the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in the County Court at Law 2:

2021-1213-B Ex parte Jose Solis-Abundis, expunction of records

2021-1215-B Discover Bank v. Erica Monsivais, breach of contract

2021-1221-B Bank of America N.A. v. James G. Johnson, breach of contract

2021-1229-B Ex parte Jeffrey Thomas Cheyney, expunction of records

2021-1234-B Discover Bank v. Patrick H. Story, breach of contract

2021-1245-B Transworld Business Advisors of East Texas v. Courtenay Bradshaw, breach of contract

2021-1214-A Courtney Anne Harris v. Muhammad Moazzam Mughal, auto personal injury/damages

2021-1220-A Discover Bank v. Donald J. Bryant, breach of contract

2021-1232-A Discover Bank v. Kelly N. Tanner, breach of contract

2021-1242-A Thomas Lee Hearrell v. Hillary Kathryn Kiser, auto personal injury/damages

2021-1216-CCL2 N.A.R. Inc. v. John Thaxton, breach of contract

2021-1219-CCL2 Discover Bank v. Jenny W. Waldron, breach of contract

2021-1222-CCL2 Bank of America N.A. v. James G. Johnson, breach of contract

2021-1223-CCL2 Wendy Markowitz, et al. v. Burnell Anderson and Julie Anderson, damages

2021-1236-CCL2 Texas Bank and Trust Company v. Chet N. Inc., Pushpaben O. Patel and Chatankumar N. Patel, breach of contract

2021-1240-CCL2 U.S. Bank Trust National Association, et al. v. Debbie L. Blalack, foreclosure of lien

2021-1246-CCL2 Cynthia Davis v. 5 Starlife Insurance Company and Don Witcher, suit for deceptive trade practices and damages

2021-1248-CCL2 Aim Chaparral Plaza LLC v. Underwriters At Lloyd’s London, suit for deceptive trade practices and damages

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