Cases filed from July 28 to Aug. 2 in Gregg County civil court.

Cases that end in an “A” were filed in the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in the County Court at Law 2:

2019-1377-B TD Auto Finance LLC v. David Ramirez, breach of contract

2019-1393-B Mall at Longview LLC v. Li Zhao, breach of contract

2019-1407-B Saylor Knox v. Jason Brewer, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1414-B Patrick Ingram v. 501 Automotive LLC, suit for deceptive trade practices and damages

2019-1419-B ex parte Stacy Leigh Martin, occupational license

2170-H ex parte Johnathan O’Neal, writ of habeas corpus

2019-1375-A J.L. Rushing Inc. v. Advanced Energy Equipment LLC, other civil

2019-1392-A Ovation Services LLC v. Ramon Ruiz and Alma Ruiz, other civil

2019-1400-A BancorpSouth Bank v. Jason B. Burt, breach of contract

2019-1413-A TD Auto Finance LLC v. Jimmy W. Booth Jr., breach of contract

2019-1379-CCL2 Caterpillar Insurance Co. v. Main Custom Construction Inc., Anthony Wallace and John M. Main, other civil

2019-1391-CCL2 AMICA Mutual Inc. Co., subrogee for Nancy Stouffer and David Stouffer v. Mellow Choice Williams and Tamara Rochell Williams and Kevin Doran Williams, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1396-CCL2 OneMain Financial Group LLC v. Tonette L. Harris, breach of contract

2019-1399-CCL2 Russell M. Buckstaff v. Fernando Coronado-Alverez and Allstate County Mutual Insurance Co., auto personal injury/damages

2019-1409-CCL2 Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. James Lester, breach of contract

2019-1412-CCL2 Irissa Hernandez v. Longview Tree House LLC, doing business as Tree House Apartments, PJ2D Management LLC and Windmill Investments, property damages

2019-1417-CCL2 Haley Lee Ramsey v. Caleb Andrew Krammes, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1421-CCL2 Jason Gough and Sarah Gough v. Burl Duke Owen, other civil

021860-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Michael Rogers, tax

021861-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Quinlan Jerel Stephens, tax

021862-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Donald L. Baird, tax