Cases filed from June 24 to 28 in Gregg County civil court. Cases that end in an “A” were filed in the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in the County Court at Law 2:

2019-1166-B ex parte Chad Michael Payton, expunction of records

2019-1178-B ex parte Roger Morris, expunction of records

2019-1179-B Discover Bank v. Clint E. Pannell, breach of contract

2019-1188-B Advanced Federal Credit Union v. Suzette Marie Mosher, breach of contract

2019-1194-B Robert Earl Holloway v. Corlis Collins, breach of contract

2019-1202-B Michael Caldwell v. Texas Dept. of Public Safety, occupational license

2019-1210-B OneMain Financial Group LLC, as servicer for Wilmington Trust NA, loan trustee for OneMain Financial Issuance Trust 2018-1 v. Velevet Brooks, breach of contract

2019-1168-A State of Texas v. Kirsten Fontenot, expunction of records

2019-1174-A Rachel Ramirez, doing business as R&A Resurface & Paint v. Longview TX McCann Big 22 LLC and Tarantino Properties Inc., breach of contract

2019-1186-A Rhonda Whisenhunt v. Brookshire Grocery Co., doing business as Super 1 Foods, property damages

2019-1192-A in re: William Bruner Smith Testamentary Trust and in re: Verne Monday Smith Testamentary Trust, appointment of successor trustee

2019-1199-A Isaacs Services LLC v. Jose G. Alanis Martinez and Helot & Alanis LLC, doing business as Helot Logistics, other civil

2019-1209-A Omni Commercial Inc., doing business as Omni Construction v. Michael Caldwell and Heather Caldwell, breach of contract

2162-H ex parte Emeral Causey Jr., writ of habeas corpus

2019-1182-CCL2 Janet Woods v. Buckner Retirement Services Inc. and Buckner International, property damages

2019-1183-CCL2 Bank of America NA v. Khanh Tran, breach of contract

2019-1189-CCL2 Kathleen Nelson v. Donald Heath Burrow, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1191-CCL2 Jim’s Rental Services LLC v. Fusion Flow Control LLC, breach of contract

2019-1195-CCL2 Ginger L. Heck Forbus and Walter R. Heck v. Stacie L. Heck Jackson, individually, as trustee of the Walter P. and Lucy F. Heck Living Trust, as independent executrix of the estate of Walter P. Heck, deceased, and as independent executrix of the estate of Lucy F. Heck, deceased, other civil

2019-1198-CCL2 State Farm Bank v. Michael Clark, breach of contract

2019-1205-CCL2 Ditech Financial LLC v. Margine Twine Rosie Marie Donnell and all occupants of 5143 W. Goforth Road, Kilgore, TX 75602, other civil

2019-1208-CCL2 Jacody Johnson v. Khadijah A. Anderson, doing business as Rosewood Memorial Funeral Home Inc., suit for deceptive trade practices and damages

2019-1215-CCL2 Velocity Investments LLC, assignee of OneMain Financial Group LLC v. Dessie Walton II, breach of contract

021784-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Joshua Anderson, doing business as Anderson JH Enterprises Limousine Division, tax

021785-CCL2 Gregg County v. Energy Fishing & Rental Services Inc., tax

021786-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Travis A. Boyd, tax

021787-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Randy C. Cook, tax

021788-CCL2 Longview ISD v. June McDaniel, tax

021789-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Alta Gracia Hall, tax

021790-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Louis E. Jones, tax

021791-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Maximinio M. Guerrero, tax

021792-CCL2 Longview ISD v. William Tinsley, tax

021793-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Cynthia Gunter, tax

021794-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Myra James Bush, tax

021795-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Frances Gail Tindall, tax

021796-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Connie Ryan Bridges, tax

021797-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Fay N. Moyer, tax

021798-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Sai Bhagwati Inc., doing business as Green Top #1, tax

021799-CCL2 Longview ISD v. June H. Thompson, tax

021800-CCL2 Longview ISD v. Engrique Roldan, tax

021801-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Lonie Mae Coxson Jefferies Austin, tax

021802-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Mae Floyd Currie, tax

021803-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Spur of the Moment LLC, tax

021804-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Patricia J. Diamond, tax

021805-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Champion Packaging Inc., tax

021806-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Tracy L. Ray, tax

021807-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Michelle Martinez, tax

021808-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Robert William Kilpatrick, tax

021809-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Bernard Lee Richardson, tax

021810-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Juan Vega, tax

021811-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. John Mark McGee, tax

021812-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. April Myers, tax

021813-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. James Craig Little, tax

021814-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Albert McLaren, tax

021815-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. James Baughman, tax

021816-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Quality Care Inc., tax

021817-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Carla Ceniceros, tax

021818-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Aldo Hernandez Olvera, tax

021819-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Santa J. Aquino, tax

021820-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. E-Cig Central LLC, tax

021821-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Isidro Perez, tax

021822-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Steven Pace Littleton, tax

021823-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Nancy Griffin, tax

021824-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Barbara Ann Jones McKenzie, tax

021825-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Ahmad Shirazy, tax

021826-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Thomas Lee Loyd, tax

021827-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Teresa Jackson Williams, tax

021828-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Horace Tobin Horton, tax

021829-CCL2 Kilgore ISD v. Phillip Neal Laney, tax

021830-CCL2 Sabine ISD v. CM Raven H LLC, tax

021831-CCL2 Sabine ISD v. Tommy Evans, tax

021832-CCL2 Sabine ISD v. Bart A. Jackson, tax

021833-CCL2 Sabine ISD v. Celerino Aguilar, tax

021834-CCL2 Sabine ISD v. Dennis L. Carlson, tax

021835-CCL2 Sabine ISD v. Javier Torres, tax