Cases filed Nov. 16 to 20 in Gregg County Civil Court. Cases that end in an "A" were considered in the 1188th District Court; "B" in the 124th District Court; and "CCL2" in the County Court of Law 2.

1906-H Joel Brice v State of Texas, writ of habeas corpus

2015-2132-B Fluid Disposal Specialties Inc. v Toledo Gas Gathering LLC and Kevin Russell, suit for deceptive, trade practices and damages

2015-2146-B Savannah Brown v Jessica Montalvo, auto personal injury/damages

2015-2166-B American Express Centurion Bank v Judith Green, breach of contract

1903-H State of Texas v Demarcus Acles, writ of habeas corpus

1904-H State of Texas v Demarcus Acles, writ of habeas corpus

1905-H State of Texas v Demarcus Acles, writ of habeas corpus

2015-2139-A Michael Norman v Milton David Hawkins, auto personal injury/damages

2015-21454-A Discover Bank v Gale Nelson, breach of contract

2015-2159-A Lassena Abron, ex parte v State of Texas, expunction of records

2015-2160-A Savannah Wuldbrecht v Toyota Motor Corp., estate of John Nguyem, product liability-other

2015-2165-A State of Texas v Jessie Burnett, occupational license

2015-2169-A Discover Bank v Corey Vineyard, breach of contract

2015-2137-CCL2 AAA Cooper Transportation v Creative Coatings Inc., breach of contract

2015-2138-CCL2 Central Company General Contractor Inc. doing business as Central Roofing v Zerga Phin-Ker LP and Hale-Mills Contracting Services LLC, breach of contract

2015-2145-CCL2 State of Texas v $1,325 U. S. currency; Sig handgun, serial No. 26C043168, with magazines and ammunition; and marijuana, suit for seizure and intention to forfeit

2015-2151-CCL2 Wells Fargo Financial Texas, Inc. v Dennis Gray and unknown heirs at law of Henry Gray, deceased in re: 803 Rose Lane, Longview, Texas 75604, foreclosure of lien

2015-2152-CCL2 Texas Bank and Trust Company v Tommy Kirk, breach of contract

2015-2155-CCL2 Betty King v Noel Frisbie, injunction

2015-2156-CCL2 Amber El-Halaby v Ahmed El-Halaby, individually, Ahmed El-Halaby, DDS, MSD, PC, doing business as Pinnacle Implants and Periodontics, Kopemak Dental Specialists, PLLC, and Alejandro Kovacs, DDS, MS, individually, other civil

2015-2157-CCL2 Corey Cardenas v Maria Sanchez, auto personal injury/damages

2015-2163-CCL2 Phin-ker Ventures LLC and Kendall Phinney v Zerga Investments I, LTD, Jerry Green, and Zerga Phin-ker Genpar LLC, injunction

2015-2167-CCL2 American Express Bank, FSB v James Grigsby also known as Dr. James Grigsby, breach of contract

2015-2168-CCL2 American Express Bank v Pulsation Dampener Service LLC and Eli Logan also known as Elijah James Logan, breach of contract

020785-CCL2 Sabine ISD, Gregg County, Kilgore College v Chadwick Earl Foster, tax