Cases filed from Oct. 7 to 11 in Gregg County civil court. Cases that end in an “A” were filed in the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in the County Court at Law 2:

2019-1874-B Trudi Cohn, individually and as next friend of a minor v. Chad Anthony Seely, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1885-B Lydia Andrade v. Noe Castillo Zavaleta, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1887-B Ex Parte S.D.W., expunction of records

2019-1897-B Michelle Shaw, individually and as next friend of a minor v. Anthony Goodrich, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1920-B GEICO County Mutual Insurance Co. v. Hubert Hunt, auto personal injury/damages

2184-H State of Texas v. Damiel Strange, writ of habeas corpus

2019-1860-A Aubrey David Applewhite v. Carter BloodCare and Carter BloodCare Foundation, personal injury/damages

2019-1871-A Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, as trustee of Upland Mortgage Loan Trust A v. Jimmie Cox, foreclosure of lien

2019-1884-A Elizie Williams v. Sabrina Lynn Meadows, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1894-A Patterson Motors of Kilgore Inc., doing business as Patterson Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Kilgore v. Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, injunction

2019-1896-A Discover Bank v. Damesia D. Starling, breach of contract

2019-1913-A Ford Motor Credit Co. LLC v. Garciela C. Tirado and Daniel R. Tirado, breach of contract

2185-H State of Texas v. Isaiah Pierce, writ of habeas corpus

2186-H State of Texas v. Isaiah Pierce, writ of habeas corpus

2019-1879-CCL2 Marshall Interests LLC, doing business as Commercial Door & Hardware Marshall Interests LLC v. Jonathan Jones, injunction

2019-1881-CCL2 Julie Bernard v. Frank Lavy Gray, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1893-CCL2 American Express National Bank v. Richard Jordan, also known as Richard Kyle Jordan, breach of contract

2019-1898-CCL2 Reinhart Food Service LLC v. Grand Superior Investments LLC, doing business as Louisiana Cajun Fried Chicken, and Carlton Hollins, breach of contract

2019-1901-CCL2 Payton Cox v. Allstate Indemnity Co., auto personal injury/damages

2019-1921-CCL2 Anitra Washington, as next friend for a minor v. Luz Pablo Canchola and Maria Olga Canchola, auto personal injury/damages

2019-1922-CCL2 Amplify Energy Operating LLC v. Eastman Midstream LP, Eastman Gas Co. LLC, R. Kevin Russell, J. Kelly Russell, Benton Poole and Raymond S. Russell, breach of contract

021912-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. J.C. McClain et al., tax

021913-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Jeannette Sharpe estate et al., tax

021914-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. T.E. Hawkins Sr. et al., tax

021915-CCL2 Gladewater ISD v. Ben C. Tooke Jr. et al., tax

021916-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD v. Jenny S. McDaniel et al., tax