Marriage licenses filed from Nov. 4 to 8 in the Gregg County Clerk’s Office:

Rafael Vega Canchola and Heather Renee Mathes

Kaleb Reece Dunahoe and Sarah Renee McDonald Hicks

Erick Estrada Castillo and Brenda Galvan Galvan

Israel Buendia Salinas and Julie Rae Godair

Ramiro Alfredo Loy and Mersadeez Lynn Abendroth

Daniel Norris Sharpless and Tam Thi Hoai Tran

Grover Cleveland Beal III and Ashley Diane Ramos

Caleb Daniel Dunn and Amber Nicole Fitzgerald

Steven Frank Stidham and Michelle Lynn Cole

Raymond Louis Alex Gonzales Jr. and Hailey Nicole Sims

Brett Knight Varnell and Linda Sue Lowe

Romax Alex Almeida and Kristi Renea Miley

Jose Paulo Gaona and Jessica Castillo Gauna

Richard Hughes Wilcox Jr. and Jesse Jane

Steve Clyde Raney and Lori Roden Griffith

Michael Patrick Quinn and Shawn Marie Jordan

Ramon Perez Lira and Karla Guadalupe Rangel Macias

Samitha Jo Woods and Elisa Lavonia Maldonado

Jon Paul Lelong and Katie Marie Parks

Forester Tate Nicks and Summer Anne McCarthy

Dylan Lee Baker and Ashley Nicole Renea Odum

Suanne Janette Doty and Jessica Lynn Simpson

Mathew Ray Maguire and Whitney Paige Grant

Lawrence Carter McCoy and Kenitra Mingnon Gillas

Brayden Lennox Adams and Taryn Elizabeth Wheeler

Thomas Dosson Stubblefield and Alexandria Danielle Klimkoski

Preston Eugene Beason and Hailey Michelle Hines

Danarlyn Jahrod Key and Varindea Rochelle Hendrix

Frances Ann Pirtle and Kaitlin Marie Webster

Adrian Delynn Williams and Vernell Jeannean Allen