A 21-year-old Longview man suspected of sending sexually explicit messages to a 13-year-old girl was taken into police custody Monday at Lear Park’s KidsView Playground.

Marshall police arrested Dayton Shai Bonner at the park with assistance from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Marshall Police Department said on its Facebook page.

Bonner is being held in the Harrison County Jail on a charge of criminal solicitation of a minor, jail records show. His bond is set at $75,000.

A complaint said Bonner had sent the messages to the girl, police said. The girl’s mother gave Marshall police access to her daughter’s social media accounts for the investigation.

“We encourage all parents, guardians and family members to be active participants in a child’s social media and email activities,” Marshall police Chief Cliff Carruth said in the post. “Sadly, we live in a world with predators who will attempt to harm the mind and bodies of our young people. Please take the time to have open and ongoing discussions about this danger with your families.”

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