May 31, 2000: Looking for cuts as the budget process began, Mayor Earl Roberts said city employees who did not meet productivity standards would be out of a job. The City Council was seeking a 5-cent cut in property taxes over three years, and 1.5 cents in the next budget.

May 30, 1925: The Bathing Girls Revue at Lake Lomond attracted a large crowd. A decorated platform extended from the pavilion and the 11 entrants marched around the platform as Tim Atkins’ orchestra from Marshall played. Entrants, representing businesses, wore pretty suits and caps and carri…

May 30, 1972: An I-20 rest stop staffed by members of Gregg County Civil Defense and Texas State Guard served beverages and food to more than 1,000 motorists over the long Memorial Day weekend. Volunteers from the organization also provided help to motorists who had mechanical trouble.

May 28, 1941: U.S. Rep. Lyndon Johnson, in a Senate campaign speech on the Gregg County Courthouse lawn, advocated for privately built pipelines from East Texas oilfields to the Eastern seaboard. If necessary, he said, the government should assist with financing as it was doing for defense m…

May 27, 1972: Longview civic and business leaders gathered to organize the newly formed Longview Downtown Development Corp. Its objective was to maintain and encourage the civic, social, commercial and industrial welfare of the city through better business conditions. A consultant’s ideas fo…

May 26, 1957: County officials issued a plea to parents to keep children from following fogging machines being used by crews to battle a record infestation of mosquitoes. The fog of chlordane and DDT was not considered healthful, officials said, and posed a danger by hiding youngsters in traffic.

May 25, 1931: An alert trusty was credited with foiling a hacksaw plot to escape the Gregg County Jail. Two Kilgore men were nabbed for trying to smuggle a bundle with three hacksaws to “bad actors,” said to include a hijacker, being held in the jail’s front cell.

May 24, 1984: Despite warnings that “any city that allows alcohol has a curse on it,” the City Council voted 6-1 to allow sale and consumption of alcohol at Maude Cobb Activity Center. The vote was recommended by the Visitors and Conventions Advisory Committee.

May 23, 1894: Outlaw Bill Dalton and gang members Jim Wallace, Jim Nite and Judd Nite rode into Longview and robbed the First National Bank. The gunfight that followed at Fredonia and Bank streets was one of the Old West’s biggest, with 200 shots fired and two deaths.

May 22, 1961: It was R.G. LeTourneau Appreciation Day as the industrialist returned from New York, where he received the International Progress Award from the American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers. “The great honor which you have received also is an honor to our city,” Mayor J…

May 21, 1991: In its first major action, the newly organized County Organized Drug Enforcement Unit arrested more than 45 suspects in Gregg, Upshur and Smith counties on charges of delivering cocaine. The busts were made by 25 officers of the Gregg County agencies cooperating in the CODE unit.

May 20, 1971: The names of some who made it possible were memorialized at the dedication of McWhorter Park. Bleachers near James Gibson Field were packed as Mayor Lois K. Jackson read names on a memorial plaque. Among them were city commissioners, parks board members and other officials.

May 19, 1955: The president and other executives of Trailmobile Inc. were welcomed after buying a building to begin manufacturing operations in the city. Longview News and Journal Publisher Carl Estes hosted a reception attended by R.G. LeTourneau, H.H. Imray of Texas Eastman Co. and other b…

May 18, 1948: A $10,000 loan was made to Gregg County to hire an architect and consultant to design and plan a county hospital. The loan was co-signed by Carl L. Estes, publisher of the Longview News and Journal, and Roy H. Laird, mayor of Kilgore.

May 17, 2005: Longview entertainer Neal McCoy was named the humanitarian of the year by the Academy of Country Music for raising more than $3 million through his East Texas Angel Network. The award financed construction of Neal McCoy Playground in Spring Hill later in 2005.

May 16, 1972: A $13.26 million federal order received by the Marathon LeTourneau Co. would lead to a substantial employment increase. The order, for 156,000 metal parts for 750-pound bombs, would enable the company to add a night shift and operate at full production at least through the year.

May 15, 1943: An election was conducted to determine if Spring Hill Common School District No. 12 should become an independent school district, and for election of seven trustees, up from three. They were C.C. Clemens, S.C. Rundell, R.L. Magrill, J.W. Lee, D.T. Wilson, J.R. Epperson and R.E. Davis.

May 14, 1974: Metroflight Airlines began service between Longview, Tyler and Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport after receiving temporary certification for operations from the Texas Aeronautics Commission a day earlier in Austin. The certification was given over protest of Rio Airways and Te…

May 13, 1959: About 60 East Texas police chiefs and sheriffs met for a law enforcement conference sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Longview Police Chief Roy Stone, host of the conference, said it was intended to improve the flow of information between city, county, state and…

May 12, 1978: Ground was broken for a $5.8 million project to add seven operating rooms and other facilities at Good Shepherd Hospital. Paul Glaske, president of the board, said the emergency room was treating more than 2,000 patients a month, far more than existing facilities could handle.

May 11, 1928: The school board adopted recommendations that every child must be vaccinated before he or she could enter school in the coming year. The comprehensive health program being worked out also included requirements for students to go through exercises every morning on the school campus.

May 10, 1999: Commissioners voted to oppose withdrawal of American Eagle Airlines from Gregg County Airport. The airline had filed a 90-day notice that it would cease service. The move aimed to extend the airline’s timetable to give the county time to attract a replacement airline.

May 9, 1983: Peter Stroh, chairman of Stroh Brewery Co., was in Longview to introduce his brewery’s latest products: Premium and Stroh Light. During a visit to the brewery on West Cotton Street, Stroh introduced the beers to be sold through his Texas distributors, including Stoudt Distributi…

May 8, 1976: The Longview-area draft board serving Gregg, Harrison and Rusk counties was shut down as the Selective Service reduced capacity. Local members were among 525 assigned to 96 draft boards across the state. A standby organization remained to train board members in case the draft wa…

May 7, 2005: Veteran city council- men Jay Dean and Andy Mack headed to a runoff after finishing first and second separated by just 22 votes in a seven-way race for mayor. The winner would serve the one-year unexpired term of Murray Moore, who had resigned in January.

May 6, 1985: Officers, directors and shareholders of Eastman Kodak Co. began converging on Longview for the company’s first-ever annual meeting in Texas. A crowd of 1,000 was expected for the session, which was to be followed by a barbecue and tours of the Texas Eastman plant.

May 5, 2003: The Longview staging area for crews seeking debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster was closed with a ceremony at 1403 W. Cotton St. Workers deployed from Longview collected more than 48,500 objects weighing more than 222,000 pounds, more than 40% of Columbia’s weight.

May 4, 2003: Longview voters ousted an incumbent mayor for the third straight time as local businessman Murray Moore defeated Mayor Earl Roberts by an almost two-to-one vote margin.

May 3, 1959: Lake Cherokee had risen five feet by late morning from the previous day’s level after a deluge of more than 8 inches of rain. Damage to flooded homes, washed-out bridges, ruined boathouses, swamped boats and other property was estimated at more than $2 million.

May 2, 1961: Postmen on six routes in Longview took on a new look in “a snappy, new three-wheel postal route carrier.” The vehicles were expected to speed delivery on routes with large gaps between delivery points. Eventually, all foot routes were to be equipped with such units.

May 1, 1947: Longview Packing Co. Inc. opened its ultra-modern plant, an enterprise seen as a major step toward the city becoming the livestock marketing center of the region. The plant a mile south of the city just off the Kilgore Highway was to employ from 75 to 100 workers. It was termed …

April 30, 1950: The Knox Lee Power Plant of Southwestern Gas and Electric Co. was officially placed into service with dedication ceremonies witnessed by 1,000 people at Lake Cherokee. As the first unit was cut into Southwestern’s power grid, construction was already well underway on a second unit.

April 29, 1957: Gregg County was one of eight counties designated disaster areas by the Small Business Administration as the worst Sabine River flood in history bore down on Longview and area cities. By next week, the crest was expected to cut roads south and west out of Longview.

April 28, 1976: An estimated 15,000 East Texans turned out at Gregg County Airport to see President Gerald R. Ford. He’d arrived on Air Force One late the night before and took a motorcade to Tyler for a morning event before returning for a Longview rally and sendoff.

April 27, 1995: The East Texas Chicken Ranch, a Texas 31 steakhouse featuring nude dancers, offered to shut down if the county would not seek court costs and fees in a lawsuit it filed against the county. The Chicken Ranch opened in 1994 to attract travelers to Louisiana casinos.

April 26, 1972: After 24 years of service as principal of Longview High School, T.G. Field submitted his resignation, to be effective July 1. His contract had recently been extended through 1974. The board accepted his resignation and his request to be transferred to other duties within the …

April 25, 1947: A huge midnight screen and stage show to raise funds for relief of Texas City after a deadly industrial blast was held at the Arlyne Theater. 20th Century Fox provided a pre-release print of “Carnival in Costa Rica” and local talent took the stage.

April 24, 2000: A plan was announced for businessman W.C. “Bill” Lear to donate up to 100 acres of land to the city for baseball and soccer fields. Lear said he had been approached the previous month by mayoral candidate Earl Roberts about acquiring and donating the property.

April 23, 1942: Only full attendance at a benefit dance tonight at the Palm Isle would boost fundraising for the city’s portion of the Navy Relief campaign to its goal, said Sam Y. Dorfman, Longview chairman. L.N. Crim, Kilgore chairman, said his city’s quota of the goal was oversubscribed.

April 22, 1948: Longview Masonic Lodge No. 404 said it would put its temple building, immediately west of the Arlyne Theater on East Methvin Street, up for sale. Initial plans called for the Masons to move to a building at 116 E. Cotton St. that would be remodeled and expanded.

April 21, 1949: Mid-Valley Pipeline Co., a new venture formed by Sun Oil Co. and Standard Oil Co. of Ohio, said it would spend about $56 million building a 1,000-mile pipeline from Longview to Ohio. It would be 22 inches in diameter, 2 inches smaller than the war-built “Big Inch.”

April 20, 1962: A citywide Good Friday service sponsored by the Longview Ministerial Alliance drew the faithful of many denominations to First Presbyterian Church. The service’s theme was provided by the Joseph Haydn oratorio “The Seven Last Words of Christ,” which was sung by an all-city choir.

April 19, 1971: Gregg County commissioner lines were approved that placed parts of Longview in each of four precincts. Redrawing the districts had been ordered by a federal district court in Tyler to be completed upon receipt of certified results of the 1970 census.

April 18, 1940: Delegates to the annual convention of the East Texas County Judges and Commissioners Association began arriving at the Hilton Hotel downtown. Beyond the 100 delegates, guests included Lt. Gov. Coke Stevenson, gubernatorial candidate and state Highway Commissioner Harry Hines …

April 17, 1961: The Judson School Board called a bond election for construction of a new elementary school and an addition to the junior high school. The proposed elementary would be built on Hollybrook Drive, between Airline and Fourth streets, in the south part of the Judson district.

April 16, 1994: Some residents whose addresses had been in the 75601 ZIP code saw them shift to 75605. Growth in North Longview and conversion to an automated mail-sorting system created the need for the move, which aimed to reduce the size of the 75601 area.

April 15, 1940: Plans for a community center in Greggton were approved for funding by the federal government to the tune of $18,232, County Judge Merritt H. Gibson reported. The building was to include an auditorium, fire station in the basement and several offices.

April 14, 1942: Floodwaters on the Sabine River reached a 28-year record height of 32.2 feet and were still rising to a crest expected later in the day. Hundreds in Gladewater and the Longview area were chased from their homes, and workmen along the Longview-Kilgore highway rescued a number …

April 13, 1948: About two years after ground was broken, and 18 months after the first bulldozer rolled off its line, R.G. LeTourneau’s plant was dedicated. The industrialist emphasized the need for combining academic education with practical work, as he had done with LeTourneau Inc. and LeT…

April 12, 1948: The unveiling of a portrait of Brig. Gen. John B. Gregg, presentation of the official flag and prizes to students in essay contests highlighted the kickoff of Gregg County’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. The portrait of Gregg was to be hung above the door in the district courtroom.

April 11, 1936: More than 1,000 children of poor families in Longview and vicinity were guests of oilman W.R. Nicholson at a huge Easter Egg hunt. He had purchased several thousand eggs to hide around the property, and an Easter basket with a rabbit was given to each child.