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To visitors from all over the world, the city of San Antonio is a salsa-infused melting pot of Texas history, art and culture. To the delight of my three daughters, however, it is so much more.

At some point, I figured, even Trump supporters would get tired of all the lies and exaggerations uttered by their fearless leader. But I was wrong. There’s no shame in the White House or in the 35% of the American population who support him regardless of the issue.

GUSHER: For the two Longview-area districts that achieved grades of A in the latest Texas Education Agency accountability ratings. Spring Hill ISD notched the achievement for a second straight year, while White Oak ISD jumped to an A in the latest ratings. Spring Hill ISD attributed the dist…

During my 20-plus years of working in the radio business, I met and interviewed many celebrities. Virtually all of them were promoting something (a new movie, record, book, or something else they were trying to sell), which is why they were spending time with me.

Conversations get lively at news-journal.com, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here’s a sampling of some recent comments:

Gov. Greg Abbott's roundtable response to gun violence and the need for local governments to secure their electronic data were among the topics being discussed this week by Texas editors. 

“Omniscient” is the word most often used to describe God, which is not to diminish the two other big “omnis” — omnipotence and omnipresence — but those two seem to be used on an as-needed basis by the deity.

We haven’t heard the recording, so we don’t know for sure what exactly was said. But what we do know — if you assume everything Michael Quinn Sullivan says occurred is factually accurate — is that Speaker Dennis Bonnen did not commit bribery.

Temperatures have soared, bringing the crispy season. Driven indoors, I finished a book I had put down in 1966, if memory serves me right.

Constantine Buckley “Buck” Kilgore was the namesake of a Gregg County community and a graduate of a long-ago East Texas school. I’ll have more on Fowler Institute in a minute.

A school in Texas can fail to meet state education standards for four years before the state shuts it down. A lot of students can go without the education they're due in four years' time.

In response to the News-Journal editorial published Wednesday, I wanted to outline the many steps that the City of Longview and the Longview Fire Department have taken as partners to improve the status (and lower the unfunded liability) of the Fire Pension Fund. It is not accurate to say tha…

When was the last time you sang the song below in church? Did you really think about the words, or was it just a beautiful song to you? We sang it in our church this past Sunday. I believe the words should be sung, believed, and practiced by everyone. It was written by Peter Scholtes.

Harsh poverty plagues our country despite its great wealth. More than 33 million Americans are poor, by any reasonable standard. Another 20 million to 30 million are needy. Poverty is increasing in the United States, not decreasing.

Conversations get lively at news-journal.com, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here’s a sampling of some recent comments:

The inhumanity of the state's deadly sweat-box prisons and a smarter approach in the fight against HPV in Texas were among the topics being discussed this week by Texas editors.

After a relatively smooth first legislative session that earned him accolades for a good inaugural effort, House Speaker Dennis Bonnen seemed to be on top of things, basking in the praise. Then, it was if he had stuck his finger in a live light socket. On purpose.

CHICAGO — Given its surplus of violence and scarcity of resources, Chicago surely has bigger things to worry about than the menace, as the city sees it, of Laura Pekarik’s cupcakes. Herewith redundant evidence of regulatory government’s unsleeping solicitousness for the strong.

Retirement pensions are one of the most coveted of all employment benefits, and with good reason. Even if a company or government entity is unable to offer a salary that is competitive with others vying for the same workers, offering a pension can be a deal-changer.

“Go back to your county,” said the guy who is the son of an immigrant, father of four half-immigrant children and husband to two immigrant wives.

We are under siege in America. Things we once considered important are being attacked: the Constitution, the flag, the national anthem, the judicial system, even law enforcement officers.

It’s more nuanced than building a wall to stop immigrants from coming into the country, but President Donald Trump’s new rule limiting the people who can be new Americans to those who won’t need public assistance is a lot more significant.

Many people write about the poor; fewer listen to them. Sometimes we get memoirs from those who have risen from poverty, but seldom do those with means live among the poor and tell us about unprivileged lives.

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“For in the gospel the righteousness of God

is revealed — a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written:

‘The righteous will live by faith.’ “

Romans 1:17

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