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“Lol that is crazy. There isn’t any other providers, anyway. Which in turn, that is considered a monopoly. Go ahead and try to find another provider. It is literally impossible. In other words, companies like this are ALWAYS protected.”

— Stephanie Beth Clark

“Yes, and as a senior citizen, I just saw where Social Security payments are going up 1.3% for 2021. Groceries have gone up considerably during the pandemic. What’s a person to do?”

— Mary Barr Price

“I almost wanna say ours has already increased. Our electric bill was higher this summer and early fall then last year.”

— James Halliburton

“Who would have thought a Government monopoly on electricity 15% hikes every year shocker!!”

— Marc Easley

“Note to self:

Add candles to grocery list!!!!!”

— Susan Downs

“Corporate GREED.”

— Betsy Ann Knol

“Time to go back and live like they did in old days.”

— Suzanne Appleton

“Heck no, where are the regulators?”

— Chris Smith

“They need competition! Why don’t we have a choice?”

— Mandie Rogers Norrell

“Why is there not competition here? I’ve never lived anywhere in Texas where I couldn’t choose my provider since the state opened it up to competition.”

— Brook Davis

“It won’t be long before my electric bill will be more than my mortgage. Time to check into a solar system.”

— Matthew Nehrling

“Makes sense. Those coal prices are real high right now heavy sarcasm”

— Josh Douglas

“Deregulation is needed, let all the electricity providers compete. Even little Del Río, TX had multiple choices, at least 5. AEP still owns the lines and still has the crews to maintain. Get rid of this monopoly.”

— Jerry Bagley Jr.

“Ughhh can we vote no?!!!!”

— Evelyn Nowlin

“Time to join the Texas grid and get deregulated.

With all the yak about free market capitalism, East Texas never does try to increase competition.”

— Tommy Gober

“I can’t wait for personal energy in the house. These cable, energy, phone middlemen are way too greedy. It’s like the theater industry, $20 for a popcorn and 2 Cokes but can’t keep the lights on. Poor management or spoiled owners driving Ferrari’s.”

— Wes Southern


“S.A.R.S and M.E.R.S. were corona viruses ... no panic. Swine flu, H1N1 was bad ... no panic. Every year, a bad flu/ virus comes through ... no panic or shutdown. The media should relax.”

— Russ Maness

“Unless you have a PhD in Virology then opinions about a highly transmissible virus is useless.”

— James M Holley

“Until you have it please shhhhh. It’s worse than the flu.”

— Joshua Ward

“I HATE to hear of any positives, but we all need to be informed. Thank you for your reporting, LNJ.”

— Jennifer Winstead

“Thank you for sharing. We need to know.”

— Kay Dotson McQueary

“How about we quit reporting on this virus. It isn’t going away and people are faring better than when it began starting with the proper treatment. We don’t report flu numbers. Let’s quit trying to keep this fear going and get back to some real news.”

— Shanna Spence

“If you don’t like what they report, then don’t read it. No one is forcing you too.”

— Cassi Woodworth

“Thanks LNJ.”

— Sue Hutchins

Regarding, “Are you voting on the first day of early voting in Texas? Why or why not?” Tuesday:


“My little one went with me to vote this morning first thing! We were with the people pictured here! His behavior was impeccable and he received so many compliments- glad to be able to vote!

This picture was after arriving at home!”

— Samantha Jackson Foster

“Not today, not in a rush. Be ye anxious for nothing.”

— Robin McLemore

“Yes I have VOTED, come to Broughton short line.”

— Pauliament Morgan

“At the community center, wait was about 30 to 40 minutes because they only had 3 machines working and they were very slow people voting. While I was in line, I watched several people take 10 minutes or more to vote, when it took me less than 4 once I got to a booth to vote.”

— Gary Morrow

“I’m an Election Day guy, myself.

There is something that just feels right about standing in line with your fellow residents and casting your vote knowing it will be counted that day and recorded that day.

“I am always terrified some late breaking news days before the election will make me regret my early vote. I know that’s really unlikely, but the concern is real!”

— Richard Yeakley

“Hoping to catch a short line early this week. I cannot physically stand in a long line. But voting is priority!”

— Liz Garner Chambliss

“No, I’m not. Abbott instated another week to early vote. Who’s to say a republican won’t file a lawsuit and an appeals court will toss out all the early votes? I will wait until next week.”

— Kathy Somer

“I’m waiting a moment for a lighter crowd if I can, but I’m definitely voting today or tomorrow, no matter what.”

— Jamie Maldonado

“The voting is continuous at the Kilgore Community Center.”

— Terry Gebhardt

“You would think they have more than 3 voting booths.”

— Kevin Blakeley


“Guess what other list is about to grow.”

— Howard Swann

“I guess ‘pro-life’ only counts in the womb.”

— Jamie Maldonado

“It’s about time!”

— David Reichert

“You can add Hawkins to the list.”

— Nancy Stringer


“Thank God! Its about time our children get the attention they deserve! #SaveOurChildren”

— Kimberly Cooper

“Great!! Glad to see this.”

— Jackie Carlson Thompson

“I would have stood with you, if I had known.”

— Pam Spencer McFall

“Way to go everyone!”

— Nikkita Korolevich

“They should be doing this at CPS.”

— William Michael Davis

“Glad people were inspired by the BLM movement to start protesting and bringing awareness to issues they care about. As always black people set the tone and the world follows.”

— Bria Elle

“That’s why You vote trump”

— Courtney Chianne

“I love seeing people in our community speak out about what’s important to them.”

— Marilynn Elizabeth Velvin

“Way to Go Ladies!!”

— Ness Barnes

“Now this is something to Rally about!!”

— Ralph Swan

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Mark 3:35

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