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Dress code arrest

“I think this is so stupid. I don’t think anyone’s income or hair style should say whether or not a child can go to school! This is so ridiculous! Prayers for the sweet little boy I’m sure he is anxious to be at school learning, poor baby!”

— Juanita Katalina LaReyna Enriquez-Garrido

“Education provides an opportunity for everyone. Everybody counts or nobody counts. How a person wears their hair — short/long, wigs, braids, natural curly, natural nappy, natural straight, etc. — does not pose a danger, harm or threat to another student or adult. Learning about different cultures and beliefs need to be incorporated in schools because all adults, teachers, educators/administrators are ignorant to individual culture/beliefs, traditions and personal background history. The schools took prayer out now they taking our children away from l basic curriculum. Look like we all need some lessons to focus on learning (in classroom or home schooling), good behavior rather than hairstyles--don’t define a person character based on their own individuality style. Sounds like a civil lawsuit.”

— Kathy Kennedy

“She has still vowed to continue to fight for her grandson no matter what tactics they use to try to silence her. Meanwhile, this young man is probably wondering why do he have to stay at home and not be able to go to school like the rest of the kids. Maybe by the time he 6 all of this nonsense will have ceased and he will be able to participate in a normal flow of education free of any bullying or intimidation.”

— John John

“I think the biggest part of this is the question of guardianship. That is a major liability issue for the district.”

— Lee Brossette

“People need to get ALL the facts. It’s not as simple as you think.”

— Twyla Clary VanMeter

Zeid settlement

Regarding “Settlement reached in Zeid case,” Tuesday:

“I hope the ladies have there right to work closer to home.”

— Josie Quimby

“I hope that things will get better for all the women. Bless you all.”

— Midge Levesque

Flu season startsRegarding “Some officials reporting flu cases in Longview area,” Wednesday:

“My daughter and I both had Type A flu the week of October 6th. I wonder where Gregg County get its data from.”

— Kelly Cole Thomas

“I work in the medical field and we have PTs with the flu. SMH.”

— Natasha Kaminski

“The flu has been running through the Longview schools since September. I know a handful of teachers and students that have been out because if it.”

— Vanessa Moreno

“Type A has been. They don’t report everything, apparently!”

— Barbara McBride Grammer

“That is why we get our vaccines in September.”

— Danielle Kirkpatrick

“Grandson diagnosed with Type B last week in Gregg County. Need to update reports.”

— Sandra LaRue Gobert

“Type B at my house two weeks ago. Three of us had it.”

— Heather Watlington

“My sister has already had Type A a month ago.”

— Susan Benson

“Exactly, and she was diagnosed in Gregg County.”

— Hannah Hudman McCauley

“Type B was at my house last week!”

— Courtnie Perez

Oh, deer

“I have footage of this deer. Saw him yesterday on 2208 near 449 in Longview. It is on my Facebook!”

— Shannon Vickery

“I was about to tag you!”

— Cori Starr

“I’ve been tagged A LOT lol”

— Shannon Vickery

“I saw this deer Tuesday morning on 2208 close to 449 and was shocked at what I was seeing!”

— Rachel Wood Cooner

“Saw one on my game camera last year in Hallsville.”

— Erica Allen

“In what scenario would it need to be shot and killed instead of shot with a tranq?”

— Erica Stacy

“Good thing East Texas is full of hunters and no tags required for exotic game beyond a Texas Hunting License. Gonna be one happy hunter bagging a trophy soon — shoot, would have to pay up to $4k to hunt inside a high fence ranch.”

— AdamDanger Des Troy

“That’s pretty cool! (But what I’m really wondering about is how someone came up with an Encylopedia Britannica! I thought those were extinct!)”

— Dot McCoy Horne

“I was told a man turned a buck and 2 white does loose. One of the does was spotted in Kilgore this week at 1252 close to Highway 42.”

— Belva Felts

“10/31/19 around 12:00 a.m. I saw it @ Williams & Tryon”

— Michael Chad Mason

“Almost hit him crossing the loop yesterday. He’s beautiful.”

— Katie Maciel

“Spotted one similar at Lake ‘O the Pines week and half ago.”

— Wayne Stephenson

“It’s a deer. Why are people trying to capture it? Let it free. Go free deer, go free.”

— Keene Guidry

Greenville shooting

“Comforting thoughts to their mommas. Today is the worst day of their life.”

— Kasey Tuffy Hadd

“Yes my prayers are with all the families. Just sad.”

— Demetria Reese Jones

“Kirstyn Faith Robinson is this the homecoming party y’all didn’t go to?”

— Georgia Hendz Painter

“Zane Cooler, in my neck of the Piney Woods.”

— Norma Lee Harris

“Kids with alcohol and guns?”

— RD Taylor

White Oak ‘roots’

“Awesome job! I’ve always preferred military. Probably because I was raised up through band by the many greats of the area: Goff, Kunkel, Yancy, and Grant. Good luck at state!”

— Kris Sinkule

“Being a parent of two students, Alyssa (Sr) and Pearson (Jr) makes this year going to state extremely special. They too were among that group that missed the state contest berth two years ago. This group of kids, including a freshman class of 60, are extremely excited about performing in the Alamodome! It’s all possible because of God, the kiddos and the leadership of Steele, Whatley and Ramos. We appreciate all that you do! Best of luck at State! #proudbandmom #doyourjob #whataband”

— Pam Weiss Keith

“Congratulations to the band and to Director Jason Steele! Jason led the Pittsburg High School Band (also a military style band) to State UIL Marching Contest when my son was a junior in high school. I was fortunate to be a chaperone on the band’s trip to San Antonio and will never forget seeing our band march in the Alamodome. Good luck to the White Oak High School band at state. I know you will be a great representation of all of the military style marching bands in Texas.”

— Teresa McNatt Bockmon

“So proud of ya’ll. Congratulations and good luck at state.”

— Richard Holsomback

“Way to go White Oak! Great group of students, so proud of them.”

— Danieli Parker

“I loved watching them at contest! They were our favorite. Congratulations!”

— K Christine Hollowell

“Congrats to everyone! Over the moon about this and cant wait to cheer you all on in San Antonio!”

— Jennifer Bolton

Today's Bible verse

“Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods.”

— Psalm 95:2-3

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