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Longview’s red summer

“Wow. The things wrapped up in time.”

— Deric Bennett

“As soon as I heard about this, I thought we should recognize it, so I hope that people are open to it. Certainly a marker, and maybe a Community Unity Day on top of that. Any society who has something this awful happen and does not feel the need to acknowledge it has not grown as much as they think they have.”

— Abby June Richards

“Thank you for the article. Very interesting to hear, and how strange it seems to know that it was kept so secret from following generations. Like everyone just agreed to keep the family skeletons in the closet. An interactive marker of some sort would be educational and probably attract pokemons.”

— Amanda Ylitalo

“I heard about this when I was younger while eavesdropping on old folk conversation. Didn’t know it was in 1919.”

— Temecca Armstead

“Vigilante activity is not a riot. Killing and burning property of people without legal standing in a society is terrorism! Use of inappropriate language continue the act of misrepresenting history.”

— Louis Stewart

Longview’s place

“Dollar General chose Longview and they’ve added several hundred jobs to the market.”

— Rex Fennell

“Dollar General chose Longview because of the millions of dollars in tax incentives they received. I promise you that was the only reason they chose Longview.”

— Keene Guidry

“Kinda like every company and industry across the USA. Yes, financial incentive was an aspect. Quality of life and a great labor pool! Thank God we don’t have an idiot like AOC on our City commission.”

— Charles Blakeley

“If we wanted to live in a big city we would move there. Like Longview the way it is, without all the traffic and problems big cities have.”

— Beverly Miller

“Longview has been great for me. Couldn’t stand it if we had all the traffic and crime like they do in the bigger cities like Dallas or Austin! The cost of living in those cities are horrendous also. The only thing I wish Longview had more of is different types of entertainment.”

— Laura Gallaugher Allison

“Would not live in Austin or Dallas, or Houston. Traffic, crime, cost of living, so the pay has to be high to live there, plus East Texas is wonderful. We are in a great place to live.”

— Mary Yates

“Actually, crime overlays indicate many areas of Longview are in much worse condition than a huge swath of areas in the major metropolitan areas. It’s all relative of course, but every place has its ups and downs, positives and negatives.”

— Bob Gambill

“I just read through both articles and it was very interesting how a little thing like perspective changes the narrative. I grew up in Longview and moved to Arlington in my 20s. Even though I’m very happy where I am, the pull back home is strong. In my opinion Longview doesn’t need to be Dallas or Austin, that would be a completely unreasonable change in ideals and community. But I would like to see Longview grow and thrive and I can see that in the optimism of your city leaders. I wish you all the best!”

— Tamera Miller

“Mayor Mack, and I quote, ‘We are doing the best we can with what we have.’ Is Mack referring to: 1) $600,000.00 Loan at 0 percent for OUTSIDE private business during his tenure? 2) The city’s credit rating DOWNGRADED while he is in office? 3) Property Taxes at an ALL TIME HIGH during his term? 4) He brought forth the $104 million dollar bond, the largest in our city’s history? 5) The Firemens Pension Fund is $100 million UNFUNDED? 6) The city still has $110 million of general and revenue DEBT on the BOOKS and $300 Million dollars in DEBT. NOW THATS ALOT OF ‘Champagne and bubbles.’ “

— Tommy Finklea

“They seemed to have lost sight of the fact that people are in our area by choice. They chose NOT to be in the city. And there is definitely growth. Our economy is diversified and that offers stability. I lived in many places but chose to come home to ETX because of the rural values with many amenities of a more urban area.”

— Poppy Kennimer Elwell

“I would venture a guess that most of us, especially those of us that didn’t grow up here, ended up settling here for a reason. Now I technically live in Kilgore but I spend a lot of time and a lot of money in Longview. I moved out here from the Dallas area in 2005. You could not pay me enough money to go back up there. The traffic, the crime, the smog, the rude people; I just would not be able to tolerate it anymore. I have a feeling that’s a lot of the same reasons why most of us still live here in this East Texas area. We do so because we CHOOSE to do so! If we wanted to live in, or have our cities be like Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio, we would move there! Do we have room for improvement? Of course, all cities do. But I think for the most part we’re doing a damn fine job, and most of our city leaders are to be commended.”

— Becky Terrell

“Longview used to be a kind, friendly town but no longer. They’re trying to keep up with Dallas and Houston and there’s not a thing in those towns I want to be associated with. Longview used to be a mid-size town with homegrown friendliness. Now we’re getting transplants from all over the place and we have a bad illegal population. You’ve torn down every school I’ve gone to, you’ve torn down every place we hung out as kids. Everything’s nice and brand new. Our history is rubble and in the landfill. I don’t like Longview now, I like the old one, when people said hello and talked in the grocery line. At least I have my good memories.”

— Donna Joiner Mcgrath

Ice cream licker

“She needs to be the one charged with something.because now others are doing it.”

— Dabbie Alford

“Charge her! She knew better, that’s why she laughed.”

— Tammy Myers Byrd

“Charge her and fine her parents.”

— Karsten Miller

“What does the parent have to do with it? I know parents who have raised their child up right and the kids still make bad choices.”

— Sabrina Jones-Graves

“So if she is an adult she would be prosecuted but because she is a minor she gets a slap on the wrist? Are you kidding me right now? This is no joke. She had the flu and and dared others to copy her. She needs to be charged.”

— Missie Coin

“She needs to be charged. If not, she gets away with it, snickering her way to other acts of malice knowing nothing will come of it. She needs to be taught a lesson. Good grief.”

— Julie Brown Ready

“It’s time for Blue Bell to begin putting a tamper-proof strip on their product. I bought a different brand of ice cream last week, and believe me, if that product had been tampered with, it would have been obvious.”

— Violet Melton

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“And may your hearts be fully committed to the Lord our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time.”

— 1 Kings 8:61

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