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Help wanted: Teachers

“That’s an easy fix. Get rid of Wilcox and half the board.”

— Jason Bates

“Maybe LISD did not treat their teachers professionally? Teachers do not leave a supportive district.”

— Angela Geiger

“Rehiring retirees would also help.”

— Timilee Anderson

“Get rid of the STAAR. You’re welcome.”

— Bob Birdwell

“There are a plethora of issues that have created a perfect storm. Not paying teachers what they deserve, having the professional teacher certification exams be complicated and now need to pass several for complete certification, especially in hard to find/fill areas like bilingual ed. Teachers also can’t afford the housing in some of the areas they teach in, since some teacher pay actually qualifies them for food stamps/government assistance programs. Don’t even talk about health insurance! And why do we have less new teachers each year? If you, potential teacher, or your parents had just spent the last two years hearing all the negative talk from different states about how the lack of support from state legislators is causing hardship for teachers, it’s made many families think twice about encouraging their child to go into that profession. And lastly, the state test. When a teacher, school, and districts’ futures rely on a poorly constructed assessment and given the power it’s given, the outcome for a teacher, school, or district will not be consistently good for kids. There’s no research that shows testing has made a difference.”

— Rebecca Good

“Oh, testing has a made a difference, in turning public schools into privately run charter schools.”

— Bob Birdwell

“Listening to your teachers, and not treating them as though they don’t matter, would help the retention rate in teachers, but this will never happen as long as the current administration is employed. The individuals running LISD need to not bite the hand that feeds them. Teachers are what makes a school, not administrators. Besides, Wilcox is a joke. LISD will not be missed in this household.”

— Jason Bates

Toll 49 safety

“That has never stopped a driver from doing such things. Have you ever driven through Dallas or on 635? They mow those down every day getting into the HOV lanes.”

— David Sweat

“Dallas tried using these on Central. I think people just decided to use them as targets.”

— Genevieve Strathman Snow

A good man

“Thank you Glen. What a wonderful article about Jim.”

— Kathy Tachias

“Thank you, Kathy. Sometimes, they write themselves.”

— Glenn Evans

“Beautiful tribute to a beautiful man. Thank you, Glenn.”

— Aliceson Wallace Howell

“A special man!”

— Steve Lyons

“Dear friend and next door neighbor of 30 years. He will be missed. Great words for a community servant.”

— Mike Brown

“I first met Jim when I was very young as he worked with my father at Fleetwood in Longview. Jim was always a class act and steadfast volunteer. Great article, Glenn.”

— Tommy Finklea

“What an amazing man. Prayers for his sweet, loving family.”

— Tamara Bush

“Thank you for this sweet tribute for our dear friend Jim. All that knew him can say he was one of the few true gentleman that gave of himself. Truly the sweetest soul that will be forever missed.”

— Debbie Huffman Fontaine

“Glenn, thank you so much for such a beautiful article about my sweet Jim.”

— Raina Howerton Tachias

Another apology

“No talent wannabe artists, whether a DJ or actual performer, tend to find anything they can to try and cover the fact they are indeed lacking in talent. This was just another case.”

— Total Arse Racing Team

“Seems like instead of shooting for an artist that appeals to a YOUNGER audience, they should try get an artist that appeals to a BROADER audience. That might lead to better decision making.”

— Japheth Pace

“Attendance has been on the decline the last several years. GTBR wanted a bigger crowd and they knew what they were getting as GTBR said they asked him to clean up his act for their event. They knew they were playing with fire and got burned. GTBR has apologized so in my opinion it’s a done deal. We all make mistakes. Now if it happens next year then I might have a different opinion but for now they get the benefit of doubt.”

— Aaron McFatridge

Roadside harassment

“Nothing to see here, just another East Texas hillbilly redneck. Move along, move along.”

— Tom Peterson

“And this just a week after Galveston officers on horseback were seen leading a handcuffed black man with rope. Back to slavery and the Jim Crow era.”

— Sandi Sach

“What were the Galveston police supposed to do? Give him a piggyback ride? He broke the law and was found by officers on horseback. He got what he deserved.”

— Michael D Perry

“Michael D Perry they should have called for a vehicle escort, not tie a rope on him and parade him down the street. He was handcuffed already.”

— Tiffany Jo

“Michael D Perry, no he didn’t and the Rangers are investigating. The police holding area was around the corner and officers could have easily called for a car or walked him. He didn’t even commit a crime!”

— Teresa Garner

“The man was African American, hmm. I wouldn’t expect you to know how it feels to a person of color and see a picture of your race treated in a manner that resembles the past era that has been cruel to a particular race.”

— Marvetta Jones

“Good luck getting Harrison County to do anything. My friends and I were almost killed in a break-in off 968 and lucky for them, the investigator was friends with one of the guys. It got dropped. We were chased in the woods by four or five people with guns.”

— Ashley Donaldson


— Tom Peterson

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