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Another sanctuary

“Up to the super important things in Bernieville, I see!”

— Leonard Washington

“Excellent news!”

— Robert Fort


— Chris Palmer

Trump speaks

“ ‘Standing down.’ What a load of crap. My friends are at that base in Iraq. They were nearly killed. 10 damn rockets isn’t standing down. I’m sure it’s easy to say such rubbish when you dodged the draft, are 70 years old and don’t need to worry about your own children being sent to war. Iran isn’t standing down. It would be foolish to think that for even a second. And sitting there saying it only fans their hatred and puts more lives in danger. If anyone needs to stand down, it’s Trump. Every time he opens his mouth, he upsets more of our allies and pisses off our enemy. When will enough be enough?”

— Danielle Kirkpatrick

“Every military personnel puts their life at risk as soon as they sign up for boot camp. They are more than aware of the fact they will be in dangerous situations/locations and could lose their lives defending those of us that do not serve. They did not join the armed forces to stay in their barracks here in the States and play video games. They joined because they are badass men and women who love their country and are willing to protect it. Just because Trump says they are standing down does not mean he has closed the book and isn’t reading the chapters that follow.”

— Wanda Roberts

“LOL did you serve? 50% of my fellow enlistees and 85% of officers I wouldn’t trust with a BB gun.”

— Leonard Washington

“Nope! I am too much of a chicken to enlist. Thankful for those that do though.”

— Wanda Roberts

“Sounds like you think that they should expect to die for the president, not for our country.”

— Anita Stringfellow Livingston

“And if he attacked them again you’d be whining about that.”

— Andy Sumrow

“Damn skippy I would be.”

— Danielle Kirkpatrick

Haynes moves on

“Proud of Haynes and his work ethic! He will continue his dream to be the best at A&M! Great kid!”

— Teeny Pearce

“We are happy to have a young man of his character! Gig ‘Em Haynes!”

— Keith Montgomery

“Congratulations, that’s awesome!”

— Freda Pruitt

Recycling challenge

“I would love to know what happens to it after we recycle? In most of the US now, recycling is shipped off to China, Vietnam, or Mexico instead of processed domestically or locally. This not only defeats much of the purpose of recycling, it is contributing to ocean waste and garbage piles (when you hear that most come from places like China, it is coming from recycling ships and trash washed out that we have sent them).”

— Matthew Nehrling

“Before raising our rates, I would like assurances that the majority of the recycled refuse isn’t just getting landfilled later. If the recycler is sending the majority of it to a landfill, just cut out the middleman and send it directly. The link for the company in Israel is interesting, but I’m skeptical. That seems almost too good to be true. There is some technology that allows for the manufacture of diesel from plastics and I have wondered if it could be scaled for municipalities and allow them to take the plastic and make diesel for city trucks.”

— Kevin Porter

“I’ve got no problem with a $2.50 rate increase to keep the recycling program going.”

— Lacey Chapman

Witchcraft charges

“This is a bit absurd. The police don’t do anything about domestic violence but a ‘supposed’ witchcraft incident. Smith county is so crooked. I wonder who the poor pitiful embarrassed privileged cry baby is.”

— Linda Gilstrap

“Wow, that is creepy as all get out. They need Jesus.”

— Traci Michelle Hudson

“I’ve seen it all now. Mother and daughter makes it worse. I can’t wait to see their next boyfriend.”

— Marcus Richardson

“Marie Laveau is rolling her eyes right now.”

— Julia Monroe

“ ‘ ... red witchcraft pentagram’? Another solid article.”

— Bradley Hardin

“I’ve seen them at the South Tyler Walmart on many occasions. They are quite conspicuous.”

— Mary Zorn

“Rhonda Rumsey, I think I might have a case against you.”

— Brannon Robertson

Coach Ford

“Great article about a great person!”

— Glenda Baggett Oakland

“Jack, this was a very nice article on Coach Ford. She left a legacy at Spring Hill when she retired and she coached many great athletes during her tenure as a Panther coach! RIP Holly Ford.”

— Dan Droege

“Good article Jack. She did fight for her kids. I saw that first hand myself.”

— Stacy Edwards Crews

“Thanks coach.”

— Jack Stallard

“She impressed other coaches and teams as well. I graduated Kaufman in ‘16 and we all had much respect for her. A life well lived.”

— Collin Patterson

“I don’t know why it is never mentioned, but Holly was a Gladewater High School class of 1977 graduate. She played for and coached at GHS before she became a Panther. Holly was a Christ follower, a sweet friend, she was a super smart person as well as a tennis player, loyal daughter and always supported our classmates. I remember Holly being the one who came up with our Class of 77 quote. I leave you with this, Holly Beth, with love and respect for a life lived well.”

— Terry Kerns

Social media abuse

“Teachers need to be locked up that prey on any age student. This school has had its problems on teacher morals, Jefferson ISD.”

— Becky L. Dean

“And you’re paying for the cell phone access to it, parents. Stay safe everyone.”

— Liz Garner Chambliss

“Dustin Aimee Law good timing for our study in Sunday School. This stuff is crazy!”

— Jessica Davis

“Totally agree! It’s scary!”

— Dustin Aimee Law

“And he is out on bond. Sad.”

— Billie Green

“He needs the Hammer treatment!”

— Don Liles

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Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

— Deuteronomy 6:4-5

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