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Mental health solution

“This is amazing!”

— Deniece Cearley

“So glad to see this. This is a much needed addition to our medical community.”

— Karen Petty Bobo

“This is awesome. A much-needed resource in this area. Thank you, Stanley Williams, to you and the rest of the folks involved in this.”

— Cindy Bostick Dixon

“Wayyyy past time! Thank goodness!”

— Curtis Dean

“This is great! I am an IT analyst for a large healthcare organization on the West Coast and they just opened a similar facility in northern California in collaboration with the county of Sacramento. Glad to know this is coming here to Longview!”

— Terri Rose Smith

“People with mental health issues should not be able to check themselves out of a place where they can get help, until they are evaluated and treated.”

— Yadira V Contreras


— Kelly Cochran

“This will be so beneficial to all concerned!”

— Joni Crayton Cobb

Assault arrest

“What do you expect of Marion County?”

— Scott Lanham

“Well, since homeboy lives in Gregg, why don’t you tell us, Mr. Longview?”

— Blake Harris

“A letter was sent? That’s it? A phone call just took up too much time, huh? Wow. Classy.”

— Lollipop Daycare & Preschool Prep

“This makes me sick.”

— Vivian Smith Hudgins

A proper funeral

“Prayers for comfort.”

— Tammy Madding

Wow! This is so sad. I am so glad this family has closure to some degree. I know they probably have tons of questions why and just trying to put it all together. But at least they now know where she is and how she was taken care of over the years.”

— Patrick-Melody Treadway

“You don’t have to see me too, know that I am there. I have searched and made a few calls. Is the open to public memorial for Dana Dodd going to be this coming Saturday? I would like to attend the proper burial and name given back.”

— Keisha Boles

Misinformed parents

“Do the kids around you a favor and get your kids vaccinated! And to those anti-vaxxer (aka pro plague) parents, please read the multitude of scientific studies on this matter, for Christ’s sake, preferably one without pictures.”

— Eric Grimes

“It’s troubling that so many of Texas’ parents were tricked into not protecting their children. We can hope they listen.”

— Dorit Rubinstein Reiss

The latest outage

“Just a normal evening in East Texas.”

— Laurie Turman-dehoff

“SWEPCO is a joke. They have vegetation problems all over the city, you never see any crews cutting back trees unless it’s storm related damage. And come this winter when it snows you will have more problems because you’re not keeping your lines clean and clear. I have never seen so many power failures from a power company since moving down here.”

— Russell Miller

“Sometimes I don’t know who is worse with outages, SWEPCO or Longview cable. However this is the first time in a long time my power stayed on.”

— Karleen Bryan

“For those complaining, I saw a graphic last night that at one point in the Longview area, there were over 600 lightning strikes in a 30 minute time frame. 600! SWEPCO can’t control Mother Nature, folks.”

— Casey Stewart


— Gai Bennett

“We made it through the storm but as soon as it got calm and still power just went out. I wish there was another power company. SWEPCO is a joke.”

— Jason Green

“How is SWEPCO responsible for 600 lightning strikes? Get real. They are doing the best they can! Be thankful you don’t live in other countries where your power might be out for days, weeks or even months! Count your blessings instead of complaining! Can’t you live without power for a few hours?”

— Ariane Catala

“This isn’t the first time THIS week I’ve lost power, and I’ve called for two years to get a work order to clear the transformer from the limbs and debris around it. When the wind blows it arcs off the transformer, they tell me they will get it done and two years later still haven’t touched it. And yes, I can live without power. I don’t have to be happy with them, so have a great day.”

— Jason Green

“Last week it was ‘vegetation.’ This week it’s lighting and rain. Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?”

— Laurie Turman-dehoff

“Not even raining anymore and then I lost electricity. Was grooming my dog at the time so his fur is half and half. LOL”

— Laura Gallaugher Allison

“I wish I could pay someone to kick SWEPCO’s ass!”

— Ron Bardwell

Who’s to blame?

Regarding “Letter: God will judge us,” Sunday:

“Yes! Your all powerful god could have stopped any and all these mass murders if he wanted to, but he chose not to in order for America to return to him in prayer and repentance. Why? Because he needs the violent deaths of hundreds of innocent people in order to get people to start believing in him. Instead of, you know, just appearing.”

— Jo Black

“Your god is too small, and I might suggest finding a new church.”

— Eric Grimes

“Ann Mitchell, it is the old, like you, who are sick. Sick in your determination to enforce your bizarre religious beliefs on everyone else. You remind me of why I left East Texas long ago. I didn’t want to live among people like you and I sure didn’t want my children to grow up with your religious sickness.”

— Sue Johnson-Dietz

Vaughn sentenced

“Just a question: Did he do something illegal that pertained to him being the Republican Party chairman? Or did he do something illegal outside of that role? Just wondering what difference it makes if he is Republican/Democrat chair if he commits a crime? I tend to think that both parties have supporters that commit crime.”

— Brandon White

“It’s more along the lines of ‘This is a guy who/used represent a part of our state, he did a thing. is this what you want to have representing you?’ So yeah, they highlight that part and point out he is representing the people, or in this case, used to. It’s very important to know what crimes someone is committing when they are the ones who are supposed to be FOR the people.”

— Danielle Kirkpatrick

“Except they used his former position that did not represent anyone. Had they used ‘Former White Oak mayor’, then you might have had a point.”

— Corey Clamp

“Maybe it’s embarrassing to the Republicans who live in that area that he did what he did. That’s perfectly understandable; fact is he’s doing time behind bars for committing crime, he’s also a former county GOP chairman with a name. Nothing is amiss here or unusual, completely ethical article which was professionally written in accordance with journalistic standards.”

— Kaylon Centres

“Just to state my position in response, I am embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for both political parties. And I feel that crime is crime. Doesn’t matter what political affiliation or what position (paid or voluntary). If you are guilty you should be punished. Just seems to me that the ‘journalistic standards’ sure seem to be leaning more and more divisive.”

— Brandon White

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“The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.”

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