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Remembering ‘Ray Gene’

“Lots of great memories! Best wishes to you Ray!”

— Lori Lowe Danielson

“Best of luck and God bless, Ray!! Thanks for the good times!”

— Misty Michelle Cline

“Having known Ray since I was a teenager I am so sorry to hear of this illness. He is tough and will endure what lies ahead. Love ya’ Ray!”

— Kathy Berry Crane

Getting it hot

“At our house the delivery we use is ‘Suzanne.’ “

— Suzanne Brown Tuma

“As someone who used to work in Longview and deal with Waitr. They have the best staff, cool bags and whenever it’s hot I gave them free large waters (especially since they are traveling to & from places in a car). I marked everything so they didn’t have to worry about a customer getting confused or upset about things.”

— Kendra Bounds

“We live like a mile from the loop and none of ‘em will deliver to us. I’m just in forbidden land i guess ha ha. I don’t know why, i’m in Longview and not that far from town.”

— Melissa Littlejohn

“I live about 2 1/2 miles from the loop off of 2208 and they deliver to me ... but Papa John’s doesn’t lol.”

— Daniell Utley

“We were using Waitr for a while but the cost gap of using Waitr compared to calling in a pick-up order became significant. Just using Waitr to place the order and then pick it up ourselves was more than us ordering direct. We don’t want to pay 30% more and the suggested tip includes the delivery fee. No thanks. But we never had bad service or delivery time from them. It’s just the cost going up and up.”

— Paul Anderson

“I have considered Waitr. Even downloaded the app a couple of times. But it’s not worth the 50% increase that I pay just to get the food. I can just go pick it up and save some serious $.”

— Summer Richards

“I’ll drive to pick up my own food. I don’t want to take the risk of my food delivery person messing with my food. I trust no one, especially in today’s times. (yes, I know it can still happen at the restaurant but I still feel better if I go pick it up myself).”

— Amy Griffith

Officer-involved shooting

“I saw the live video. I can’t believe this. Prayers for this young man.”

— Amber Garrett

“From the video, did the young man actually point a gun at the police?”

— Michael Green

“I want all my family OUT OF LONGVIEW.”

— Alehsekal Rekoob

“I said exactly that. So glad my sons are gone from Longview.”

— Lisa Wrighten

“I am so thankful that there were no officers injured.”

— Sharon Dawson

“Lady a CHILD died. That is someone’s child, a teenager.”

— Barbara Ann

“Sharon Dawson I agree, some of these people must not understand you don’t steal cars and pull guns on officers. When you do you can DIE. People can leave LONGVIEW! And take there crime families with them!”

— Deniece Cearley

“The thieves have taken over the Pine Tree area and the people who have had things stolen and houses broken into are sick of it. Thank you Longview police department for doing your job!”

— Jennifer Collins Bean

“When are people going to start taking responsibility for their kids and raise productive young adults instead of these criminals. Blame the parents.”

— Jael Bethany

“Well he didn’t shoot 22 men, women, boys, girls, and babies back to school shopping and live to tell about it, nor 9 people out for a fun night on the town. Oooh, yeah, he stole a car.”

— Tan N Rod Call

“I hate to hear that something like this happened in Longview but, if the kid had a gun and if he drew it on the cops they did what they had to do. You cannot blame them if that was the case. Sometimes people do stupid things and stupid decisions have consequences.”

— John Dixon

“It is so sad that as a society we base our opinions on race! I’m sick of the race card! My friend is WHITE as paper was shot by Longview PD a few years ago. Imagine that! Sad for the young man that has passed away and his family. As I tell my son, every decision has a consequence. Praying for all involved.”

— Shonda Hooper

“The man has been in the police report in the newspaper, a few times.”

— Donna Curtis

“We have no record of this young man ever being in our police report.”

— Longview News-Journal

“Parents, we have to do better. 18 years old and aiming a gun at cops? Not to mention whatever theft led them to him. This is insane. Prayers to everyone involved.”

— Tay Marie

“I don’t know how they let that El Paso shooter stay alive. But they killed my lil kinfolk.”

— Colton Lion Johnson

“It was literally four years ago this week that they killed the guy on his way to work in the park.”

— Barbie Haynes

“He was raised right and a good kid.”

— Micaa Bowens


— Marie Edwards

“Man I think some of these cops are trigger happy. I am so tired of the shooting.”

— Mary Jackson

“Prayers for the family”

— Shae RestinluvBrandon Harris

“Here is the GoFundMe page for his family’s lawyer fees and funeral arrangements.

— Shakari Middleton

A dangerous stretch

“Again!? It’s a 55 mph area so you have to be careful if you’re turning onto the loop from Birdsong.”

— Wes Southern

“People turning there try to beat the oncoming traffic and when they turn they slow down because of the dip in the road. It so scary watching people do that.”

— Liz Moreno

“This was one of the two wrecks i saw yesterday. Be careful.”

— William Ruegg

“Omg how scary.”

— Heather Hill

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“For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed — a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: ‘The righteous will live by faith.’”

Romans 1:17

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