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Heading for Yale

Regarding “Sabine High School student Yale-bound,” Wednesday:

“Great article AND A GREAT YOUNG LADY! The parents and the community are proud of her.”

— Chuck Faraci Sr.

“Thank you for sharing this article. It was a great read.”

— Tonya Dee Pepper

Vaping on campus

Oh those poor poor kids vaping, they must be stopped by any means, them trying to use any reasonable medical source that is non addictive like all the opioids the kids are prescribed today just to get through their miserable life ... We must get rid of these vapes, they’re killing millions of children! Oh wait. Nope, that’s actually opioid prescribed medicine that is doing that and the side effects causing them suicidal thoughts. Oh and cigarettes, aka tobacco, none of which you’ll find in a vape. Oh won’t someone please think of the children? (Yes this is satire and a complete joke. Leave the kids and their vapes alone. You snorted coke off the urinal and drank on lunch break while smoking a cigarette in the ‘80s. Stop being so judgmental on a much much, much less dangerous item kids are caught with now.)”

— David Sweat

“Kids smoke in the bathrooms since 1947. Get teachers and administrators into those areas and monitor. I went into a bathroom in Irving ISD one year and found a gun and a bag of drugs. Get real. Any area that is not monitored is not safe.”

— Marc Easley

“Is that a Sharpie that is a vape? Oh my gracious.”

— Charles-Eva Meadows II

“I was also wondering how the Sharpie came into play in this.”

— Brandy Rochelle Kinsey

“That is a vaping device disguised as a Sharpie.”

— Christina Mitchison

“There’s a whole online store that sells vape gear that includes hoodies with drawstring capes, book sacks with a vape attachment and so many other things.”

— Jessica Grimes

“Rather have kids vape than smoke cancer sticks. I mean we should all know this attack on vapes is just cigarette companies playing on people’s fears and falsifying documents. And Boomers are eating this crap up.”

— Jordan Wulbrecht

Water fight

“The only reason they want to build this is so the water wasters in DFW can grow their cities and have green yards year round. It won’t help East Texas at all.”

— Mark Henry

“Marvin Nichols is bad for Northeast Texas.”

— James M. Runnels

Jailers disciplined

“I was shocked to read all the details in the News-Journal. Apparently checks were not being made and paperwork falsified. Question is how would just one jailer on his own know that if he falsified paperwork even one time that he would not be found out? The only answer is that all these workers knew that everyone was falsifying and it was therefore routine and no one discouraged it or reported it. This is probably why no charges were brought on these employees and they were kindly given the opportunity to resign or retire. Sure, Maxey has a lot on his plate, but that goes with his job too — it’s ridiculous for anyone to state ‘that’s not his job.’ I don’t think I have ever heard a law enforcement officer state, ‘Its not my job.’ What a blow to our brave and courageous officers (especially those who lost their lives in the line of duty) for anyone to say that. Thankful and immensely grateful that Gladewater PD thought it WAS their job to notify Gregg County that they had a missing inmate. Cerliano should resign as well but something tells me he won’t.”

— Karen Harris Jackson

“Papers were falsified since I was working there. The four separate counts was never ever ever done. You get there in the mornings and you count them the evening shift counted when they came in. Now I really hope they are going by Gregg County standards because now they see they are actually put in place for a reason ... Longview News- Journal please, please, please request the public information as to those he got terminated, or should I say voluntarily resigned.”

— Shiquella Ellison

“Shiquella Ellison, I guarantee you he didn’t train you to falsify records.”

— Chanele Whitehead

“29 out of 33 employees were disciplined for failure to follow procedure. Common sense tells you that this was an ongoing problem so whoever is in charge of these employees is the one at fault for not making sure their employees are following proper procedure or not training them to do so. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the problem is with the higher ups not the jailers.”

— Juliah Bandy

Go-Giver Gala

“The word homeless is mentioned once in opening paragraph. How is this park revitalization supposed to help alleviate homelessness? Has the goal changed?”

— Charlotte Smith

“Great. A new entryway for the hookers to sashay through. I do agree with helping the homeless though.”

— Wendi Kinard-English

“How can people complain about how other citizens spend their own money? If you have different ideas on how to help, get off your butt and do something about it! Complaining about the way other people are helping only puts your own negativity on display.”

— Matt Fogarty

“The first sentence says that this group ‘started’ with the goal of alleviating the problem of homelessness. I think they are expanding their interests and helping our parks does so much for our community. Evolution of purpose is what most organizations do. I say thank you to those who choose to donate their own money to improve our city.”

— Lindsay Brazell

“So this is what we believe will help our homeless population, making the areas they stay ‘prettier’? Prettier does not feed, clothe, shelter or help them out of their situation. Prettier means we’re trying to force them out. ... Pretty does not change that we had a homeless man freeze to death, overnight, a few years ago due to not having anywhere to go. Our shelters are small and participation in religious programs are a requirement to be able to stay there on a regular basis. Yes, showing them the love of God, and His followers is important, but do we really expect those at the lowest point in their lives to immediately turn to our God that we tell them loves them so much but we, His followers, don’t show it ourselves? We spend our money on making things prettier and pushing them out of an area they feel safe in. Something has to change.”

— Kristina Whipkey

“Things have changed! The PD now has a team that do nothing but homeless outreach, to the point they even give rides to shelters, doctors, or whatever is necessary (and that doesn’t mean shove them in Longview shelters). It’s still a daunting task. Longview has a lot of homeless and some are happy in that situation. But they’re trying!”

— Nikki Cassin

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“You know that is was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.”

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