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“I agree with Troy W Simmons. This should be discussed in an open session. It’s our teachers and students in peril.”

— Sandi Sach

“Just imagine our world if humans went to great risk for science, health or technology activities!!! Stupefying!”

— Curtis Dean

“Of course not it’s all about the money money money.”

— Troyvonda Maldonado

“One word ... FOOTBALL ...”

— Michelle Murray Walker

“So if there’s a rise on the campus there’s a rise in the community. There is someone else who can shut down the campus.”

— Ken Han

“LISD is always the last one to close for anything. Smh. I get calls from them every week confirming of new cases. How many more before they decide to close it down.”

— Maria Torres

“Guys 77% students were failing virtual learning ... No one to blame but us parents because some of us don’t even know what the heck the curriculum is or how the 5 step math process works when it’s 8 X 7.

Just saying times are hard! Gotta cut everyone some slack!”

— Yvonne Lightsey

“Call me odd but I agree with 1 statement made. If y’all even read the article! It’s not the school helping it spread Its when the kids leave the school. How many parents can actually say outside of school your kids aren’t out playing with the neighbors kids (no mask or social distance) How many of y’all can say you not hosting parties (again no masks & social distancing) I’m not saying I agree 100% but your kids are safer at school then home (some of them anyway) Even hosting family events, we have to understand that your family even travels to these games etc They could bring it back to you. Everyone just keep those hands clean, masks on and social distance.”

— Alexandra Brown

“Just get some meteorologist to say there is a 1/1000th chance of snow the rest of the year.”

— Matthew Nehrling

“What blows my mind is all the judgmental parents that think it’s unsafe to continue in person schooling wont just pull their children out and home school, peaceful solution if you are worried for your child, the truth is no one is keeping them there except you? Teachers are doing their best, they are trying to prepare the next generations during a pandemic, we don’t know what works, not yet, but we know students are struggling with virtual learning. If you don’t like how these poor teachers and faculty (people like you and I) that are being forced to make the tough choices respond then I encourage you to pull out your children and protect them however makes you feel best! We chose at home learning but with no judging for parents that didn’t. Every one just needs to do what’s best for their family and stay positive. Were all doing out best.”

— Ellie Cruz Smith

“How odd they say that yet all the students were issued laptops and WiFi. Then last night the call came in that the students needed to bring their clear backpacks that have not been allowed at school. Something doesn’t add up.”

— James Halliburton


“Quite a healthy severance package. I’m sure the good people of Carthage are glad to see their tax dollars being put to good use.”

— Josh Douglas

“I’m sorry this happened. Mr. Wink gave me a great opportunity when he was a principal at Hallsville!”

— Renea McCully

“I’ve often been shocked by how boards, private and governmental, are so free to spend our tax dollars. I’ve sat on a couple of those boards, all children’s charities, and we treated those dollars with respect. Shaking my head.”

— Charlotte Stewart

“In the Northeast this would be considered chump change.”

— Pat Stewart MacMartin


“A day late and a dollar short. That Trump rally didn’t even try to get a permit for a large gathering.”

— Criselda Marquez

“Bottom line is people will not follow the rules.”

— Jader Brown

“... as covid rates continue to rise and is worse than ever.”

— Angela Laury

“They must be twisting his arm for the Parade in December ... People are dying.”

— Shae Harkless


“I’m so glad I don’t live there any longer. Texas will go BLUE !”

— Kathie Cloyed Green

“Down to earth American people at the Trump Rally. Loved it.”

— Debra Bales

“Y’all have to remember we live in the south and with so many red necks this is expected. They need to GET OVER IT — we have a new President thank goodness.”

— Colleen Cayard Kelly

“Stay home Democrats! This is Trump Country!”

— Red T. Mayfield

“I don’t care if he lost. At least we can proudly support our PRESIDENT as of right now peacefully. We aren’t burning our communities down.”

— Brie Ellington Lagrone

“Trump flags must be on clearance & they’re trying to use them before his January 20th expiration date.”

— Jessica Rodriguez

“They are not stopping traffic and not destroying property!”

— Sandy Reynolds Bryant

“He lost, get over it.”

— Tracie Collins Warburton

“At least they aren’t looting and burning down building and hurting other people!!”

— Kristen Fratangelo

“Looks like they just need to get over it ... their is a new man coming & he will be YOUR President.”

— Nicole Pollard Smith

“I didn’t know the circus was coming through!”

— Carmen Soto Alaniz

“Makes me sad to see people so passionate for a single man regardless of what he does or says and then act ignore truth when flaws are pointed out by claiming “fake news.” Germany had the same problem ...”

— Amanda Faught

“Maybe Trump could have won if they had more flags? 20/20 hindsight.”

— Saydie Noel

“Obviously, a bunch of uneducated people that don’t know that COVID is raging!!

— Lauri Gimpel

“No reason for Longview News-Journal to be covering this, trump lost get over it cry babies.”

— Chris Hernandez

“Way to go Longview and a special shout to my sister Tura who was there!!!!”

— Dawn Shepherd

“OHHHHHHHH!! I get it. Somebody still has campaign merchandise they want to sell.”

— Kathy Somer

“Hey I bet most of them can actually type proper English, unlike most of y’all. Oh that’s what happens when you get an education and a good job.”

— Morris Keeney

“It was such a good turnout of true Patriots. Everyone was so friendly. No matter what the final results will be, Trump and his family will always have our support.”

— Angela Price

“But they was mad when we protested for BLM.”

— Sinkasha Ransom

“How about teaching people to respect the Democracy and stop being sore losers.

— Stephanie Jones

“Thank you all!!!! We loved seeing y’all out supporting an amazing President!!!!”

— Tami Clamp Putnam

“I can tailgate for the 49ers, but they still lost the super bowl, and all my tail gating in the world ... ain’t gonna change it.”

— Bobby Dunkle

“I just drove by there — you may hear my horn blowing !!!!!”

— Carter T Tucker

“Trump is still your president. You should be ashamed of all the hate you are showing Trump supporters Longview. We will remember. Winners never cheat, cheaters never win.”

— Patrick Holt

“Just glad it’s not at the high school! Which by the way was not approved by the school for the first one! So not appropriate!”

— Marcie Anderson

“I’m just curious as to whom they pray too ... hmm, Trump.”

— Jai Shelby

“Take the loss and wipe the tears.”

— Tori Madison

“Trump has lost the election.”

— Corliss Forgy

Today's Bible verse

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people, instructing us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires and to live sensibly, righteously, and in a godly manner in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus, who gave Himself for us to redeem us from every lawless deed, and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, eager for good deeds.”

Titus 2:11-14

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