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Birth tourism

“This man is garbage. Money hungry garbage. He ruined so many lives with his lawsuit restricting hundreds of American women’s birch choices, yet he believes in providing freedom to choose where to birth your baby if you’re from his country?!? So hypocritical.”

— Amber Thomas-Teel

“Please read ABC news story 2008 about ABC babies (American Born Chinese) being born in Sipain. It’s a wake up call. China will take over the USA. Buying American businesses, raising ABC babies to take over. All Americans should be alarmed!”

— Vicky Prater

“Zeid states his office doesn’t advertise this service. ‘Travel for Care’ was being promoted on his website and Facebook page and he travels to Egypt to network and promote his services. Zeid states ‘they (patients) are looking for someone that speaks their language.’ The women can obviously stay in their home country and see a Muslim or Egyptian doctor and give birth without coming to the U.S. all the while their children and immediate family receiving U.S. citizenship. Zeid is a Muslim. He does not share the values this country was founded on. Zeid also has a PAC that distributes campaign contributions locally in our community as well as in Austin to many legislators. State Rep. Jay Dean has received money from Zeid’s PAC, as well as Zeid received an appointment to a Medical Board with oversight authority in Austin. Gohmert should move forward with closing these loopholes and protectIng our East Texas Values as well as shutting down Zeid’s ability to profit and perform these services. Louie Gohmert also took $5,000 from Dr. Zeid’s PAC. In the article, Gohmert states this ‘is is an abuse of our generous immigration laws. We need to close that loophole and end the abuse.’ Louie Gohmert is no different than the ‘Crafty Cajun.’ “

— Tommy Finklea

The big catch

“Thanks for bringing this to light. Luminant loves to keep us in the dark!”

— John St Clair

“ ‘Luminant came to town in the late 1970s to mine lignite, a low-grade type of coal, and purchased the rolling green pastureland in the small community of Thermo, a few miles outside Sulphur Springs.’ This is not factually correct. Texas Utilities was the company that originally owned the mines. Luminant bought them out much later and it has been in disarray since.”

— Total Arse Racing Team

Body found

“Terrible! What’s going to happen with dogs?”

— Araceli Harris

“My gosh. A man is dead and you’re concerned about the dogs? Obviously they were special to him and his family will take care of them. Where is your human compassion for this human and his family?”

— Chris Grimes

“No need to be rude!”

— Araceli Harris

“I met Keith while he was involuntarily held at Oceans-Longview. I liked him and we hit it off. He had a logical ‘grumpy ol’ guy style that made me hope I’d see him again. Sadly that won’t happen. I submit that his time spent at Oceans added to any (very mild) dementia he may have had. A stay of ANY duration there would make anybody suicidal. My condolences to the family. Keith was a good guy.”

— Chris Grimes

“First, no one has ruled it suicide. Maybe you should blame the son who dumped is father and mother at a hotel knowing they were not well. It is easy to blame a hospital but let’s put the the blame where it belongs, on the son!”

— Denise Martire

Power outage costs

“And how much has business made from Eastman as employees or customers? If the electricity was erratic what happened to your circuit protection? Everyone makes it easy to look at the dark side of Eastman, Lone Star, Perky or Martian Lake but they with others keep us strong.”

— John Morgan

“Makes me think their power plant is in parallel with AEP, voltage regulation faulted, resulting in the rolling brown out. Just thinking out loud. I don’t buy the vegetation story. The brown out was too widespread.”

— Scott Watson

“Not only did Eastman lose money so did other businesses in the area. We were affected in Henderson around 5:30 that afternoon and the lights didn’t come back on till around 11 p.m.”

— Donna J’s

“This is the outage that no one could find the cause of. Turns out some brush did something somewhere.”

— Mike Edwards

“Wow. That was the weirdest situation I’ve ever experienced.”

— Bobby Voss

“Pricey brush fire.”

— Barbara England

Today's Bible verse

“Do not forget the covenant I have made with you, and do not worship other gods. Rather, worship the Lord your God; it is he who will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.”

— 2 Kings 17:38-39

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