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Off the hook

“Jimmy Isaac you should investigate this judge and see how many regular probationers who have complied with the conditions of their order have been released early at all much less seven years early!”

— Shaun Ward

“Shaun Ward, I’m betting that answer would be ‘zero.’ “

— Michael D Perry

“Money talks, sentences walk ... buying your way out! SMH”

— Carol Cook Lucas

“Sorry SOB doesn’t deserve an early dismiss.”

— Billy H. Roy

“How many young black men driving around with coke and an illegal gun would get PROBATION and then only serve 30% before being released with a CLEAN RECORD! This judge needs to be investigated and removed from the bench!”

— Teresa Garner

“Not right! This does not feel like justice. Wow!”

— Tammy Gibson Mayfield

“Notice it’s a visiting judge so now we cannot hold a local responsible.”

— John Morgan

“Can’t trust it. If you didn’t know corruption extends from City Council, to County Commission, to state reps and Senate through Washington D.C.; you know now. All the local and area judicial systems would crumble if you knew what many in that system won’t disclose. Yes, all. I hope if ever a friend or family go before this guy sitting on the bench, they’ll get the same leniency. I think this is worth a report to State Judge’s Commission on Accountability.”

— The Gumbo Talk Show

Examining the Academies

“This article sounds like a witch-hunt or someone with an axe to grind with the district! I’ve been to most of the town hall meetings, listened and asked many questions of my own. Dr. Wilcox, the school board members present & Mr Pastorek have said multiple times in these meetings that LISD was encouraged to become a charter district by TEA. The comment about “LISD” turning the charter campuses over to be run by an outside entity is a bit misleading as well! Though ETAA is running the everyday workings of those campuses, it is still under the oversight of the elected school board. And the fact that the rumors of a “relationship” between Dr Wise & Dr Wilcox was even MENTIONED in this article is utterly absurd! Makes this sound like something that deserves to be in the National Enquirer, let alone a NEWS article!”

— Dustin Swaim

“Longview is being ripped off by our own school district. This has got to stop, we need a full time superintendent.”

— Danny Watts

“Well if that isn’t the biggest conflict of interest I’ve ever seen. If I’m reading this correctly, Wise is the CEO of this company that took over the district schools, same Cynthia Wise that has been employed by LISD and living under the wing of Wilcox for AT LEAST the past eight years that I can count. Conflict of interest much?! LISD taxpayers PLEASE WAKE UP! These two clowns, or devils, which ever term you prefer, are ruining the district.”

— Amanda Boze

“Wanting to raise performance scores, but teachers do not have to be certified. That doesn’t make much sense to me.”

— Cindy Vickery Dorgan

“Just more of inching closer to privatized schools. Goodbye public education.”

— Kathy Somer

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— John 1:1-3

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