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Border concerns

“I wonder how many of these people have actually seen and visited these facilities, or are they taking the liberal, biased media and politicians’ word on this? And, to those exploiting their own children, to write letters as they (it seems to me at their age) being guided to do so. If it’s true that all of the facilities, or even one, is what it’s said to be, I do not condone any of the adverse conditions. Come on Congress lets get it together, and make appropriations for this. But I think I see what is happening here. Remember, some people follow hearsay, and those are the ones who can’t bear having children separated from their parents (not good at all) and, (presumably) are the same ones supporting late term and new born abortions.”

— Billy H. Roy

“How can individuals inspect these concentration camps when the government bars them from the facilities? So of course they hare having to rely on what others report. But it isn’t just media reports. The Trump administration’s own Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s office issued a report yesterday that said conditions were deplorable. A quote from the report sets out the problem in stark detail: ‘We are concerned that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent an immediate risk to the health and safety of DHS agents and officers, and to those detained.’ “

— Mike C. Miller

“There is no such thing as a newborn abortion.”

— Rebecca Skelton Gerhart

“I actually went to a facility last year and just returned from one on Monday. Obviously, I could not go inside but I can tell you it appears to be like a penitentiary. Young children should not be incarcerated. This great country can do better. I also spent time with the nuns in South Texas last year helping individuals who had been processed through the detention facility after weeks of incarceration. The respite center is the first opportunity for these people to get a hot meal, the first opportunity to take a shower and get medical treatment. The image that still haunts me is the one of a young mother clutching her tiny baby to her chest as tears of relief flowed down her face. The kindness she finally received from strangers after having been incarcerated by our government for so long was almost too much for her to bear. I cried as she cried. I still cry when I think of her. You should read OIG-19-51, which was prepared by this administration’s Office of Inspector General regarding the conditions. I hope Louie Gohmert reads it as well.”

— Mary Lou Tevebaugh

“Billy H. Roy: It is not legal to kill a baby that has been born, not in New York or any other state. Please check your facts before spreading misinformation, aka lies.”

— Rebecca Skelton Gerhart

“What have we become? Jesus is weeping.”

— Lamonica Joyce Christian-Oziegbe

“We have become just what we should have expected after electing a neo-fascist idiot to be president. We reap what we sow.”

— Mike C. Miller

Sign removed

“Really? Sign of the times. Pun intended!”

— Pamela Bell


— Dave Renolds

“Oh, He still speaks, we just have to be able to read His Word. God sent His very best for you and me. New Life is a gift, we simply have to receive. He loves you and me that much. He loved me first. He calls us His delight. John 3:16. Jesus is speaking to an old religious man about being born again, getting a ‘do-over.’ At the age of 47 years came to my senses, and heard His still small voice. I got a do-over, a fresh start. No longer a God mocker but a God lover. Would love to share my tale. It seems to be continuing. Cheers.”

— Pamela Bell

“If the city really does own the easement where the sign was standing, and they have had the road planned like I read, then why is it a surprise that they took down the sign? It has nothing to do with religious persecution or singling out any faith if what I read is correct. The city is beginning construction and is clearing the area as per state law.”

— Patricia Adrianne Blalock Pamplin

More sign woes

“My thought to solve this stalemate is to strongly consider the closed filling station on the corner of the access road off I-20 across from where LEDCO has the old Holiday Inn hotel property for sale. You have over 20,000 cars passing it daily (like the one we stop at in Terrell), you would get others stopping there from Komatsu, Nucor, Texas Eastman, plus all the 149 South traffic. That corner where the Texas Waffle House is? Turning into Kroger’s parking lot is a traffic wreck waiting to happen, because a vehicle slows down to turn onto it. Stopping the traffic going North on McCann behind it and others turning onto McCann from U.S. 80. To me it would make that traffic jam worse and more dangerous compared to being on the access road.”

— Natalie Rabicoff

“Developers are in the business of scouting out potential properties that will fit the needs of their client and presenting all options to them. The business then makes their choice. It is not the developer who chooses the final location. I’m sure all available properties were presented and the final decision was made solely by the client. These businessmen have extensive knowledge in finding sites that fit their buyer and have brought great additions to the Longview community.”

— Katherine King Kiesel

“I hate Starbucks, as many others do as well, and i think we have enough traffic problems without adding to U.S. 80. We don’t care about the signs, because who really pays attention to them? Get over yourselves and solve the issues and put something worth having on that corner, like a lower-traffic business that won’t cause problems.”

— Sharon Jeremy Cotham

“Obviously Starbucks likes the planned site, and it’s in the city’s best interest to get the blighted property redeveloped and back on the tax rolls. As long as the mayor stays out of the negotiations going forward everything should work out fine.”

— Tommy Finklea

“I believe if passed it will set a precedent that anyone with money and influence will be able to do whatever they want to get their project accomplished. This says ‘screw you’ to all the other developers in this city that have had to follow the rules in place.”

— Keene Guidry

Today's Bible verse

“And may your hearts be fully committed to the Lord our God, to live by his decrees and obey his commands, as at this time.”

— 1 Kings 8:61

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