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Conversations get lively at, where commenters are encouraged to weigh in on stories via Facebook. Here’s a sampling of some recent comments:

Teacher honored

“Ms. King, Bramlette Elementary knows they have the most powerful old school teacher around. You broke a very smart defiant child of mine down. No one could see what was the problem but you figured it out. Devion is now in 6th grade, taking advanced classes and also in UIL. You will always have a place in my heart. Thank you Ms. Mable King.”

— Delila Sullivan

“Thank you for those comments and I am so glad he is doing so well, which I never doubted.”

— Mable King

“Good job Mable King!”

— Jessica Johnson

Clinic changes hands

“The real reason is the lawsuit! He lost a lot of patients that refuse to go back to him and told his staff that the lawsuit broke him. He had no choice.”

— Sheli Black Kipp

“Apparently the lawsuit broke you too, since you filed for bankruptcy. If he was greedy he would have closed his doors before he accrued personal debt in order to keep all of his loyal employees and to keep providing patient care regardless of ability to pay. Read your contract before you sign next time!”

— Brad Smith

“This is what happens when you are a greedy man.”

— Colleen Cayard Kelly

“Sad when greed gets in the way of patient care.”

— Susan Culp Clapp

“So he got rid of talented providers and now can’t keep up? I smell BS. He’s just another greedy man profiting off of women by providing lousy service.”

— Keli Campbell Amparan

“Does he still have unqualified people doing dermatology type treatments? I should have sued!”

— Donna Jones

Car or food stamps

“I am sorry for your predicament, it is still not your right to be supported by my tax dollars. Life is a harsh and cruel thing sometimes. I am a charitable person but stealing my money even for a good cause is still theft. So what I am trying to say here is taxation is theft and the presumption that you have a right to the product if someone else’s labor is slavery.”

— Shaun Ward

“Shaun, you may be “sorry” but you’re not empathetic or even caring. This country should be better than taking SNAP benefits from people who need them. These folks aren’t stealing from you, or from me. I wish more of my tax dollars went to benefit those less fortunate and not for golf trips and lower taxes for those who can well afford to pay more. Shame on us for not understanding circumstances of the ill, mental or physical.”

— Sandi Sach

“Thanks for the wonderful post. You’re a poster boy for today’s Republican Party. For Republicans, who ironicaly consist of mostly Christians, from Trump on down, it’s all about them. Like my dog with a bone: It’s mine, don’t take from me. And when someone does try to make them share, they’re the victim. They’re being robbed. Poor you. Me saying it means nothing. You saying it means everything. People need to share Mr. Ward’s post to show America this is the real face of the Republican Party. I, for one, have no problem paying taxes to help others help themselves. I also would think that Mr. Hill has paid taxes in his lifetime. So between the two of us, our taxes would surely cover his food needs. Just remember Mr. Ward, we will all live in the love of the common people.”

— Jo Black

Parks plans

“I could be cleaning and processing wood down at Paul Boorman Trail, however had a message relayed to me saying that this ‘contractor’ was going to be cleaning it up. I have seen him once in the month and a half since I was told that. Seemed very unmotivated for the task. Best part is they are paying him and I have been doing it for free, and I will continue to.”

— Justin Abel Hidalgo

“How about larger and better laid-out parking areas? Many families utilize large SUV style vehicles to haul kids and their sports equipment to the parks and have minimal parking spots available that their vehicle will safely fit in. The majority of parking lanes were set up for small vehicles so as to get more parking spots in a given area. We do not all drive small vehicles. As a matter of fact, in Texas, few of us drive mini cars.”

— Patrick Braly


— Mandy Poland

“Patrick Braly, never satisfied, huh?”

— Micah Harper New

“Still waiting on them to fix the city roads.”

— Liz Moreno

“We need a new dog park for our fur babys.”

— Michelle Correa

“What about the softball fields that were supposed to be torn down and rebuilt two years ago?”

— Carlin Freeman

“Would rather us put money toward infrastructure, so that way when a dog farts Longview isn’t out of power.”

— Danielle Kirkpatrick

“Danielle Kirkpatrick, the city doesn’t own or maintain that. It is owned by AEP Southwestern Electric Power Co.”

— Matthew Nehrling

“What about this park over here on Birdsong that just got torn down?”

— Brittany Estambuli

“Everyone always whining and complaining about ‘give us something for our kids to do’ or ‘stuff we can do as a family’ in Longview. Longview response: Here you go. Citizens’ response: Still whiny. Good job, Longview. I like the improvements. Some people, on the other hand, just like to whine.”

— Micah Harper New

“Meanwhile, the resurfacing of Fourth Street from Loop 281 to Eden this past summer is bumpy and a mess. Whoever made that decision needs to be fired. So many ways to spend taxpayer dollars. Let me count the ways.”

— Kathy Somer

“Love them adding bathrooms to Jackson Park but removing the racquetball courts? Literally every time i go people are playing racquetball. Bad move in my opinion.”

— Kacie Manning

“How about doing more to have a real four-year public university and a tech school in Longview? Improve the parks all you want but if not planning for the future then the city is going to fail.”

— Jerry Bagley Jr

“Dang, Ingram Park needs updated playground bad and they aren’t doing anything there!”

— Becca Ann

“Where your vehicles will get broken into.”

— Jody Coulter

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