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Dress code disagreement

“I would love for someone to coherently explain to me what in the world could be considered ‘disruptive’ about the way those two sweet boys look, but I doubt it could be done. If neat braids and locs are disruptive, then the little girls around here who routinely wear bows bigger than their heads surely qualify as well. How about y’all concentrate on educating these precious kids and leave their NORMAL hair alone?”

— Becky Phillips

“I agree! The focus should be on education. At this point educating the administrators of the ignorance of their actions is critical.”

— Cierra Evans

“If none of them (hair problems) were in uniform next Friday night, the problem and racist superintendent would be gone, ASAP!”

— Dewayne Ward

“I’m sorry but my son who is mixed and is a high school student had to cut his hair 2 years ago because it was too long. He also was sent to on campus suspension because we did not comply with the dress code. He tells me white boys also have to cut their hair and get in trouble because of the length. It’s not racist if they make all boys with long hair keep it short. I dont agree with the rule, I think its ridiculous, but it’s the rule and it doesn’t single out one race.”

— Suzy N Tony Kirkpatrick

“It’s a covert, coded, RACIST attack on a CULTURE! If it had any grounds to stand on i wouldn’t utter one word (Braids=BLACNKNESS).This is straight up Racism 101.”

— Dewayne Ward

“My son is white and tried to fight the hair rule. We spoke to the school board. We had to cut it. So the handbook maybe be worded poorly, but the rule is across all races.”

— Veronica Wilkerson

“Black people developed ways to wear their hair ... There are levels of outrage, and there’s a point at which you can’t be trespassed upon anymore. ~Marian Wright Edelman”

— Chiquita Ballenger

“I don’t remember hair rules like this when I was in Tatum. This is crazy! No child should be told what that superintendent said. This is truly disgusting.”

— Melonie Cousin

“If only people were adult enough to take a petition to the school board meetings to try to make a change instead of rallying on Facebook talking down on a school district. I was un-enrolled my senior year for not following the dress code with my hair. If you want change, there are ways to do it.”

— Kaylee Fleming

“Do they care how traumatic this might be on the young boy in question? Years from now when he is in the fifth grade or maybe even sixth grade and reflects or thinks back on how his first year in school was, do you honestly think this might not cause him some sadness remembering back to how he is being treated? When you remember your first year in school, you don’t want to have memories like this to taunt your mind. They don’t think about that. On top of that, he has news headlines with him as the big topic. Shaking my head.”

— John John

The signs saga

“I really don’t care about Starbucks, we just all need to see the city act with some intelligence, purpose and speed above a snails pace. Plus be business friendly. Maybe one day our elected representatives will make a plan to improve the interchanges with I-20.”

— Jerry Bagley Jr

“The city of Longview seems to find ways to kill development that’s not part of their clique.”

— Dale A. Silvertooth

“Why should the city have any policy regarding digital billboards?”

— Bob Cole

“It’s all about that trashy billboard to me. Sorry!”

— Steve Shirey

Cluckingham Palace

“I don’t know how this family could part with something so beautiful!”

— Dianne Harris

“I used to serve him breakfast at his chicken restaurant in Pittsburg. He tipped 50 cents.”

— Cass Sheedy

“Yeah, but it overlooks an auto junk yard.”

— Sandi Sach

“Maintenance would be frightening! So much good could have been done in place of this folly.”

— Curtis Dean

“Why do you care how others spend their money?”

— Blake Langley

“It’s a little small but if you’ll help build an addition we can think about it!”

— Mike Bessette

“Pass it all the time and it’s a beautiful place. Can’t imagine the upkeep though.”

— Sharon Neve

“No reserve, hmm. There must be somebody waiting in the wings. Maybe an exec from JBS relocating from Brazil ... “

— Mark Ziegler

“I couldn’t afford the electricity bill.”

— Kristina Daniels

“That is one big white elephant. For those who would like it and could afford it, why in the heck would they want to live in Pittsburg?”

— Sammie Smith

“Because it’s a wonderful town.”

— Misty Howell Proffitt

“Lots of chicken nuggets sold to get this.”

— Diane Dunn Sartor

“Imagine buying it and walking inside of it, and it smells like a chicken farm.”

— Daniel Garay

“I’m surprised Bo didn’t will it to me.”

— Tom Cooper

A hairy mess

“Excellent article!”

— Dewayne Ward

“Thank you, Mr. Latham, for your point of view. Rules aren’t meant to be senseless and a little logic definitely goes a long way!”

— Kambry Cox

“Thank you for your support and insight.”

— Rachel Raye

“The irony is that the grandmother of one of those children was attending a parent/teacher meeting that teachers wish all parents would attend. That’s when the hair rule came up. So, you got a grandmother who obviously cares about her child’s education, who no doubt is going to make sure her child does his homework, but the teacher brings up hair. Heck, they should make a rule that parents must attend parent/teacher meetings.”

— Howard Swann

“Somewhere along the line, East Texans have the embedded idea that they are supposed to blindly conform because someone else thinks it’s a good idea, whether it is or not. Glad people are speaking up.”

— Jo Black

“Love this article and how you addressed the TISD situation at hand.”

— Temecca Armstead

President Bush visit

“I would want to ask about globalism, and Agenda 2030, and if he and his family still support both of those things.”

— Denice Fletcher Yeagin

“George’s dad used to come to Longview to visit with R.L. LeTourneau.”

— Leo Leeon

“He always furrows his eyebrows like “BOY DO I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU.” Kinda like a used car salesman.”

— Katie Caldwell

“Could someone ask him if he ever found those Iraqi WMDs?”

— Michael Hathoot

Today's Bible verse

“When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, ‘Who then can be saved?’ Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ ”

Matthew 19:25-26

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