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LISD vs. trust

“Well written. I am sure the part time superintendent was huddled up in South Longview, if they were around at all.”

— Billy H. Roy

“Excellent editorial. Thank you, Jo Lee.”

— Dot McCoy Horne

“So glad you shed some light on this topic that we have been dealing with for years. Thank you, Jo Lee!”

— Shanna Spence

“Amen! And this is why I had a gut feeling not to send my boys to school the next day. We are at Bramlette and they sent a message saying my oldest would have been bused to a different location. Bramlette didn’t have power til the following Sunday. I know this for a fact because my house is on the same grid. It’s ridiculous that no one is held accountable!”

— Kati Dollison-Lancaster

“Never will have the trust of the community until someone on the board has the balls to stand up and actually speak for the people in their district. Won’t happen because no one on the board has the balls to do it. Wilcox is one of the many key people who need to get the boot.”

— Jason Bates

“Why does the public continue to elect board members unwilling to stand up? Why doesn’t the community demand a competent and full-time superintendent? Any administrator who believes they can be effective leading a district the size of Longview on a part-time basis is incompetent! You reap what you sew, citizens of Longview! It’s your district!”

— Timothy Jones

“Well written! Thank you as this is how many parents feel!”

— Daniel Cody Medrano

Asset forfeiture

“Never, ever, travel with large amounts of cash in your possession. Everyone by now should be well aware of the police tactics when it comes to forfeiture policy and procedures. Even if you are lucky enough to get your money back, the process can take years and quite often you will not get the entire amount back. Stop believing that we live in a Utopia of freedom and immune from things that only happen in ‘other countries.’ We are still far better than most countries out there, but people need to wake up to the reality that we have corruption, we have rogue cops and we have some serious issues with the way certain things are handled by law enforcement.”

— Mike Uhlir

“Though neither I, nor to my knowledge, any of my family have ever been subject to seizure of property, my personal opinion is that the practice is widely abused. A guy/doll works their butt off and gets a two-week wage of several hundred dollars. Then parties a bit much and gets busted for ‘possession’ of some illegal substance in an amount obviously for personal use. The money in their possession, at the time of the arrest, should NOT be fair gain. Fine, or otherwise penalize, for illegal activity, not sweep their feet out from under them by seizing the money to survive on. That just creates a downward spiral.”

— Vickie Raymond

Hinsley hold ‘em

“I agree 100 percent the city has wasted to much time on this and the park looks like crap.”

— Carol Carl Nunnery

“We were fooled by the promises the first time around. In a partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department, our association takes great pride in upgrading amenities at courses that draw players from throughout the region to Longview. Now, some five years later, there haven’t been any major upgrades or improvements to the course on our part because at any given moment, it could all go away. Let’s see some action.”

— Longview Disc Golf Association

“I agree, let’s get back to potholes and development in areas that we ignore. Longview seems to have been park obsessed over the past decade. It reminds me of the Simpsons ‘Monorail’ episode.”

— Matthew Nehrling

“Are you saying do nothing to Hinsley?”

— Anthony Wiltsey

“Leave it as it is. If a private developer wants to step in and sponsor it, great. But we’ve been throwing good money after bad with all these parks.”

— Matthew Nehrling

“No, you’re wrong. First, most of the new parks have been for the kids. Well worth it. Second Hinsley Park, where us adults play, needs a lot of help. It’s to the point of being unsafe to play. So where should the city spend the park and recreation money?”

— Anthony Wiltsey

“Right on, Anthony, they just did a super expensive update to one of the many splash pads in Longview, which is great for the kids. But if the new park is not going to happen soon then Hinsley should be worked on. A lot of us parents who take kids to splash pads also enjoy playing softball and it would be a shame to get hurt because of something that should have been prevented.”

— Joe Edwards

“Yeah, i think it’s mainly people that don’t use the park and recreations that are against it. We as the people of Longview have to be open minded for what’s best and I believe fixing the park for us is best. I believe all the new parks and upgrades are for the best.”

— Anthony Wiltsey

“Correct me if I’m wrong here, but aren’t all the big park improvements/plans due to bond money recently passed? The normal parks and recreation budget can only handle salaries & minor maintenance, not big upgrades and improvements. It’s sad the city staff trusted this developer who does not seem to be able to deliver. I’m not for another bond issue to raise my taxes further to bring Hinsley back up to par as an adult playing field. Sad they let it go to pot while putting their trust in the dreams of a developer who isn’t delivering. Just my humble opinion!”

— Karen Harris Jackson

“ ‘But Mouse, you are not alone, In proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes of mice and men, Go often askew, And leave us nothing but grief and pain, For promised joy!’

— Robert Burns 1785”

— Paul Anderson

“Longview needs another football field for youth organizations. We have enough baseball fields.”

— Royce Miles

Looking for a sign

“I agree, Mr. Allen. If the sign is moved to another location, the city would be called on to approve or deny the location, as it has been done for years.”

— Joe Wilson

“I completely agree. If anything, existing signage should be grandfathered based on location, not on new development.”

— Matthew Nehrling

“Quote from Andy Mack in the Longview News-Journal: ‘Knowing that I know who the applicant is and the strength of their marketing and advertising,” Mack said, ‘in my opinion, the billboard that they’re trying to remove will have zero effect on their business. ‘They’re so strong in their branding that people will go to them no matter who’s around them.’ So now Andy the mayor is more experienced and more knowledgeable than this very successful international company. This is a perfect example of what is WRONG with Longview, Andy giving his opinion on what’s BEST for Starbucks. I NEVER KNEW Andy was such an expert in international business. Not.”

— Tommy Finklea

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