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Finally, justice

“I still do not understand how a man or woman can willfully take a life and not be given the death penalty. Wrongful death or accidents happen, and should be given consideration, but a willful act is just that, and should be dealt justice in the same manner.”

— Robert Eudy

“Dang, R.I.P., but also I hope they weren’t trying to harm his mom.”

— Keicee Moore

“Are you kidding? Of course they weren’t!”

— Salem Novak

“It’s clear this man has mental health issues.”

— Stephanie Hall

“Congratulations, taxpayers. You get to feed him, house him, pay all medical bills and educate him. Ain’t life grand?”

— Marilyn Coggin

“He needs the death penalty!”

— Leslye Rene Albright

“I agree 100 percent.”

— Ray Osborne

“He does not deserve the death penalty. He deserves to be treated by for his mental health condition in a safe place. I submit that no other person on this thread either for or against him knows more about this situation than I. I feel we as a people have preconceived notions about certain people for whatever reason disregarding others’ circumstances. May the families who lost loved ones in this matter find peace with God’s plan. This man should not be the focus of hostility. Blame lies solely in systemic failures that led to this particular event. There are those who would like to keep that unknown. I’m sure they’ll read this post when they see my name affiliated. The community deserves better services through certain entities related to medical concerns of the indigent. Although justice is served in what man feels is right here, I do not feel justice is served for our communities, culture, nor circumstances. This is so sad on both sides. I hope one day this community begins to have compassion for all people, not just who we’re comfortable with accepting.”

— Branden Johnson

“Wow, about time. I remember when he came in.”

— Steven Loftin

“Life. I’m sorry but I disagree. Should have been DEATH. Now the taxpayers pay to feed and house him. He took lives. Take his. Forgive me my Lord.”

— Ronnie Burks

“What? You’re asking the Lord to forgive you for your own murderous intentions? Hypocrite to the max.”

— Farrakhan Capone

“Such a shame; lives taken and his life wasted. Sad ordeal all the way around. Victims and his family.”

— Brittney K Emhoolah

“This man, In front of several people, murdered those people. Justice has been served. Just stop the hatred.”

— Alicia Elias-Williams

“Justice has NOT been served! Ask the family members that lost their loved ones, and now we the taxpayers and the family members have to support his sorry no good self for the rest of his life!”

— Debbie McAlister

Nurses and games

“Way to go, Dr. Yancey!”

— Susanne Jones McGee

“Thank you Dr Yancey!”

— Kathy Hawkins

“Thank you sir. The gold standard for doctors.”

— Marsha Ramsey

“Dr. Yancey was my OB-GYN and took care of me with both of my pregnancies, 17 and 14 years ago. He was and always will be a wonderful doctor and caring and compassionate person. I’m not surprised at all that he wrote this!”

— Tori Galloway

Assistant DA resigns

“David Ross Hagan is human and willing to admit his breaking of law with accountabilty, now that says a lot for his character . Now lets see what the land of the law lay down. I do believe in second chance.”

— Robin McLemore

“Ha! He’s willing to admit it because he was caught! He didn’t have a choice but to admit it. There’s no telling how much goes on with those titled people that gets swept under the rug or just not caught.”

— Donna Gibson

“I totally agree. He is human and we all fall short sometimes!”

— Angela Roberts

“ ‘Sometimes’ is exactly right, I think perhaps put probation and seek counseling, but should be able to keep his job.”

— Robin McLemore

Kidnapping sentence

“You’re freaking kidding me. Five years? It should have been 500 years. No justice in this world.”

— Larry D Whitely

Five years, are you freaking kidding me? But they stated my fam pulled a gun on a man that tried to jack him and they gave him 50 years. This system is totally effed up and against us.”

— Cindee Johnson-Pencheon

Daylight savings?

“Oregon just voted on it and voted the resolution down, so we still have daylight savings time. And texas will as well.”

— Joel Jordan

“Pretty sure changing the time doesn’t ‘save’ any daylight. The laws of physics guarantee that.”

— Scott LeCompte

“Yes! More daylight year-round. It’s pointless to change our circadian rhythm two times a year.”

— Charle Smith Gibson

“Yes! Standard time. That would be so beyond lovely!”

— Sarah Mitchell

“One standard is my vote.. If standard means it’s year-round without change.”

— Les Pollard

“Standard time. Daylight savings comes naturally as the earth orbits around the sun and the daylight lengthens. Changing the time messes up body clocks and is not healthy.”

— Tracy Reese Carver

“My friends in Arizona love it.”

— John Shelton

“Year-round daylight savings gets my vote!”

— Sherry Speer Rand

“Daylight savings for afternoon kid activities.”

— Ray Deason

“I’m for CST (STANDARD) although we are now on CDT (DAYLIGHT STRETCHING). No more silly cutting from the front and adding to the end thinking we have more. Let the normal revolutions around the sun give longer days. Arizona does well.”

— Paul Anderson

“I say leave it standard. The change to DST is theoretically a way to have more daylight after work. How about if folks want to have evening time instead changing the clock to fit your desired schedule would GO TO WORK AN HOUR EARLIER. If your environment is united about more time instead opening later and closing earlier just open earlier and closing earlier. The same results without changing time twice a year.”

— Keith Barber

“Yes, put it halfway and never touch it again.”

— Leroy Davis

“Yes, either way. Just stop changing it.”

— Sue Vest

“Of all the things Texas needs to worry about, daylight savings time should not be one of them!”

— Edith Barnett

“Daylight savings. Some of us work 12 hours and don’t like going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.”

— Debbie Jenkins

“Yes, daylight savings time year round!”

— Kathy Blear White

“Daylight savings year round. I’d like to actually get some things done after work.”

— Matt Burnett

“Leave it like it is so we have something else to gripe about when we lose a hour of sleep. LOL”

— Tammy Alford

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