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Prosecuting crime

“District Attorney Watson is sending a strong message of zero tolerance to those who commit domestic violence. We need to use all the tools we have to end violence against women.”

— Kim Barefield Hawes

“Tom’s hair is a little long, but other than that, I think he’s doing an outstanding job!”

— Will Butch Haggard

“There is NO excuse for releasing the criminal that attacked the young lady and left her injured stole her property and was turned in by his girlfriend and identified in the lineup. This man is a danger to society. Why would they release this man? He punched her in the face stole her purse and her gun. Lock him up people! He committed a crime. Letting him go he will do it again.”

— Carolyn Ford

Longview News-Journal, Gregg County is also dismissing cases that should never be dismissed and letting violent people free. Please look into it! My mom was robbed and assaulted and now has permanent nerve damage in her face. She gave detailed descriptions of his tattoos, gave a positive ID, and his girlfriend turned him in. Gregg County recently dismissed it. She was told by the hard-working detective that they had plenty of evidence and he should be going to prison for a long time. They didn’t have the decency to even call and let her know and then when she called she was told that they didn’t know why it was dismissed. I’ve heard that they do this frequently and I feel like it needs more attention.”

— Nikki Reynolds

“Sounds like a defense attorney can make a lot of money.”

— Karsten Miller

Gohmert’s secret

It’s no secret!

— Ken Williams

“Louie is a complacent yes man.”

— Jaimee Davis

“Spin it, Louie.”

— Chris Leonard Wheeler

“OK, boomer.”

— Sean Swanson

“They sent a letter inviting him and counsel. READ: Judiciary Chairman’s invite to Trump and his lawyers to take part in upcoming impeachment hearings”

— Jeremy Gunnells

“Secrecy? How so? Gohmert is as stupid as a rock. Trump can step up and testify any time he wants. Oh, he refuses? I see.”

— Kathy Somer

“The Democrats have had nothing to go on for years, and yet liberals keep hoping for something big. You will find something when you INVESTIGATE the DNC, THE CLINTONS AND THE BIDENS.”

— Chris Palmer

“Blah blah blah Louie. The conspiracy theories are getting old. They are following the rules put in place by Republicans.”

— Jane Long

“Louie is more upset by the process than the abuse of power by Donald. Why do y’all keep sending this sycophant back to D.C.?

— Michael Hathoot

“Great headline to stop the divisiveness on Thanksgiving.”

— James Grubbs

Cover quarterback

“Great high school QB who will have an outstanding career with Texas A&M.”

— Tommy Aldridge

“Will be watching the Aggies.”

— Richard Pearson

“I’ll definitely be coming down more often. This kid is a BEAST!!”

— John Miller

“Because Jimbo never put any QBs in the league ... “

— Brandon Machell

“I think A&M still has the Johnny Hangover, but Jimbo is cleaning the swamp of those players. It’s coming!”

— John Miller

Feral hog attack

“Earlier this year there were four in our yard and all around the front door. I’ve never been that close to one. They weren’t hostile or trying to attack. Really shocked me. Even the coyotes, which have become an increasing problem, weren’t hostile. My condolences to the family. This is terrible and a scary way to pass away.”

— Ty Nelson

“Several years ago I was squirrel hunting Oak Flat in Northeast Texas. I heard leaves rustling and stood quietly. About that time I saw about 20 small pigs shuffling through then I knew that the momma sows were near. I looked around and every tree looked like a telephone pole. I scooted up the nearest one like a flag pole. Safely (I hoped) I was out of reach. However I held on that skinny tree for an hour even after firing some squirrel shot in the air. They finally moved on and I got down and ran the other way. Haven’t been back since. I had rather face a cougar in the woods than a momma wild hog.”

— Keith Barber

“So sad.”

— Debbie Fletcher Hall

“This is reason enough to get rid of these animals!”

— Anabel Campbell Martin

“Local governments must make the proliferation of feral hogs and coyotes a priority. These aren’t cute little pets. They are wild animals. There are lots of reasons why wild animals behave as such but that is irrelevant to the threat they pose to humans.”

— Sharon Barbosa-Crain

“Coyotes do not do this, they stray from human activity. I live near a pack in the country, maybe multiple packs, we hear them howling every afternoon. Sounds beautiful. I also have chickens and have seen them but when they see me they know where they need to go. Never had a problem with them but I do not doubt they will take animals or a small child.”

— Amee Alexander

“Walk up on a mama coyote and her cubs and see what happens.”

— William Lee

“Coyotes aren’t going to bring their pups to your front yard. Maybe if you’re in the country. I’ve lived in both. Obviously if they’re sick or starving for food, something out of the ordinary but generally speaking a coyote isn’t bringing her pup where it’s in danger.”

— Cindy Foster

“Prayers for her family.”

— Hollie Golightly

“Need to be able to hunt them year-round. They are a problem which has gotten out of hand.”

— Steven Adams

“You can hunt them year-round.”

— Lee Graham

“At the cemetery where my father, my daughter, my husband and son in law rest they have baited cages because they are rooting so bad! I had to show my 81-year-old momma so she would be careful! It didn’t matter to her what time she went out. Thank God it does now.”

— DarlaTyson Shaw

Vulture hangout

“Hey, Gilmer, maybe you ought to figure out what’s dead in your town. This time of year, they are looking for easy eatin’.”

— David Granger

“Exactly what i was thinking!! And we do have a man (Alwin Albright) who has been missing since around July/August and has never been found!! And Mr. Albright lived close to the area (about a mile) where the vultures have been roosting.”

— Misty Middleton Faulkner

“ ‘While the city has had complaints about them, Hutson said, property damage has (not)[sic] been reported until this year, when vultures picked off the rubber around the sunroof and wiper blades of a man’s vehicle.’ ... and there’s evidence it was the buzzards? I’ve never heard of buzzards doing anything like that.”

— Tommy Gober

“If the buzzards have not eaten enough food they will diverse to other ways to find food. I’ve seen them eat calves being born.”

— Traci Rena Crawford

“They were doing that in Kilgore not long ago. They moved on. These will too, no need to kill them!”

— Donna Birdwell

Today's Bible verse

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.”

— John 1:1-3

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