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Suspect’s background

“He had no business being back out on the street in normal society. He didn’t need that luxury. Had he not been let out he wouldn’t have been able to carry out the crimes he committed. There’s a burning place that he won’t be able to release himself from. In time, we will be willing to forgive him, but he still have to meet the real judge.”

— John John

“Praying for the families.”

— Ivie Abron

“I am a niece of the two women and I hope you get the death penalty for what you did to my aunts.”

— Joyce High-Taylor

Bonnen brouhaha

“How can the guy have any credibity left? Proven lie after proven lie.”

— Stan Smyla

“How can any lawmaker have any credibility? Not one is abiding their oath. Not one understands the principles of the Declaration. If they just understood the second sentence of that and used it as their north star, decisions would be much simpler and more correct. For example, Tyler and Smith County are considering a fractional billion dollar grant from an entity that can’t afford it and will ‘allegedly’ repay it by confiscating (stealing) other people’s money via a long-running Ponzi scheme. Looking at sentence two of the Declaration, how does that protect the unalienable rights of any American? Looking at Article I Section 8 of the Constitution, where is Ponzi lending an enumerated power of the federal government? ... Tyranny has many faces. This is one we shouldn’t condone. Each American is a sovereign. It’s time to know that and to know that any politician that promotes such a reckless scheme should never be returned to office.”

— Bob Brewer

“CONSERVATIVE Republicans standing in the daylight with their true thoughts showing.”

— Carrol Spears

Eastman expansion

“It is a shame to destroy that building. There are tons of old eyesores that would be a blessing to destroy.”

— Mary Alice Harrell Eady

“Thank God. Finally, a use for that area.”

— Chris Stow

“Looks like the banks are making plenty of money to be able to do this. Those fees that they tack on sure do add up.”

— Kathy Somer

“Glad the vacancy will be gone.”

— Danielle Heard

“Great, another bank. I would have taken a Starbucks on this side of town!”

— Susan Childress Murphey

Thank God, finally an ECU on the other side of town.”

— GI GI Roys

“It was an illa-dvised location for a restaurant from the very beginning. Glad to see this eye sore go the way it should.”

— Paul Anderson

Words vs. actions

“And yet you are a still a dimocrat after watching congress do nothing for this country except try to impeach a president they don’t like.”

— Will Butch Haggard

“Actually, Will, the House has passed OVER 100 bills since the Democrats took over. It is the Senate, run by Republicans, who won’t bring any of those bills to vote. Moscow Mitch says it’s because he doesn’t know which bills the president will support. Um, I THOUGHT that Congress was a co-equal branch of government, but what do I know? I’m just a former U.S. History teacher of 20 years!”

— Michael Walsh

“Will, it’s impossible to make Congress do something when Moscow Mitch won’t bring any of their passed legislation to the floor of the Senate. Gomer does nothing except vote against all good proposals. Both he and Ted Cruz need to be voted out, the sooner the better.”

— Sandi Sach

DUI sentence

“This man is an alcoholic. He needs long-term treatment, not a 25-year prison sentence at age 67!”

— Karen Harris Jackson

“I’m sure he’s had plenty of chances handed to him to get treatment, obviously he didn’t want the help, you can’t force someone to change.”

— Krista Harrod

“True! This is very sad for him and his family. Of course we do not know if one of former convictions resulted in traumatic injury to another driver or something.”

— Al Dman

“Alcoholism like this man obviously has is a lifelong addiction. Serious treatment costs money as usual, which I am sure this man did not have. I would rather the state of Texas use my/our taxpayer dollars to put him in a long term treatment facility rather than a prison.”

— Karen Harris Jackson

“25 years is absolutely absurd when there are murderers who have served less. It’s a DWI, not child molestation or mass murder. I hope someone does something to fix this.”

— David Lindahl

Leadership needed

“Excellent article. Transparency (or lack thereof) has been an ongoing issue with this mayor and City Council. The article states, ‘More importantly, making the matter public would have told others who might be considering economic development that Longview is willing to work full-bore to help make business work in our city.’ While this statement would seem to make perfect sense, the leadership of our city does not reflect that belief. Nor do they handle these situations correctly. Most developers cringe at the thought of doing business in Longview for this very reason, highlighted by the process and problems associated with the Waffle House redevelopment. Outdated codes and ordinances are one thing, a mayor and City Council who do nothing to change or improve these issues is another. Leadership starts at the top with the mayor, who obviously is too busy with his Walk of Stars and lacking in this campaign to address and fix the critical needs in our city.”

— Tommy Finklea

Missing woman

“I got word she had been dating a very violent man.”

— Paul Davis

“I myself heard this.”

— Heather Lea Rowland

“Praying they find her safe! She won’t leave and not tell her family!”

— Lynda Duncan

“She doesn’t deserve this and I also have faith that she will be returned safe. I truly hope. Rosemary has always been so happy and will make your day. No one should want to hurt her. #Comehomerose”

— Karen Osorio

“Praying the Lord reveals her whereabouts soon. Praying for your family an friends.”

— Diane Dunn Sartor

Today's Bible verse

“For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.”

— Titus 2:11

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