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Downtown landmark


“Growing up here it was known as The McWilliams Building.”

— Bruce A Cammack

“Will always be the Glover-Crim building to me!”

— Steve Shirey

“The Glover-Crim Building is at the corner of Fredonia Street and Tyler Avenue. I remember this one as the Southwest Reserve Building, named for the insurance company that was upstairs. McWilliams Furniture was on the ground floor. McWilliams Furniture later moved to a one story building on High Street.”

— James Birdsong

“Thanks, James, for correcting me! I should have read the article more closely...location is EVERYTHING! They looked so much alike in the day!”

— Steve Shirey

“Exciting times!”

— Kelly Rose Hall

“Good news.”

— Paul Anderson

“Now it’s a landmark? When Ronnie owned it all I ever saw was constant threats from the city to change the occupancy or update standpipes. Threat after threat. I guess the rumor is right. If you’re not the select ones that the city wants to own a certain piece of property, they’ll try to make your life a living hell.”

— Colin Reel

Signs of change


“Remove the sign!”

— Steve Walden

“Good to see the city of Longview continuing to inhibit growth where it’s needed.”

— Jeremiah Fulbright

“Starbucks has agreed to pay to take the sign down, as well as fund the relocation of two additional signs (per the sign ordinance) elsewhere in the city. This would be a great spot for for re-development in our city. Lets hope this happens!”

— Tommy Finklea

Catch and release


“Wait, why release him at all? This is a dangerous man.”

— Melinda Cangas

“He may be dangerous, and he more than likely should be locked up. But, in our society, drug offenders are public enemy #1 and they are usually the group that our justice system deals with in the practice of giving out the harshest of punishments.”

— Mike Uhlir

“Which is wrong! You ever involve my children you won’t need a bond.”

— Reneé Bryant

“If they had him in possession I’m surprised he’s out. Texas and Florida are the two strictest states on child pornography. Problem is first offense usually gets no jail time but probation. Then their compliance is only as good as they obey since we don’t have enough probation officers. SMH”

— Carol Cook Lucas

“OMG! this man lived right in front if me for over a year! Is two of the sweetest kids you ever been around. Never in a million years would i have ever believed this about him. Just goes to show you, you never really know anybody.”

— Lissa Wages

Constable appointment


“I couldn’t imagine a more honest a capable person for the job. Mike Grisham will do a great job as constable and he already has the education, trust and backing from the citizens of Gregg County!”

— Carol Cook Lucas

“So why all the questions about hours and pay? Let him report his hours, and all his extra classes , time and energy put into police work and let his constituents see if measures up to officer Grisham. I know neither man personally but those questions sound like he is questioning his ability. Officer Grisham sounds more than qualified for the job.”

— Anita Lynn Thomas Peery

“If one constable has to report his hours, etc., why aren’t the other constables required to do so?”

— Terry Audet

Time capsule ideas


“They should have buried it beneath that bridge trucks keep getting stuck under.”

— Marcus Richardson

“I demand that a copy of Twilight be put inside.”

— HD Davis

Parole denied


“A third suspect remains at large according to this article, and these two are up for parole?”

— Cyndy Cates Broadus

“He should have had death. I remember well when that happened. It sticks in your mind like the Animal McFadden murders.”

— Chris Palmer

“They were cold blooded murders. Kidnapped and sat on the ground and then shot many times. I hope they rot in hell. The manager was a friend of mine.”

— Patty Joyner

“It shouldn’t be an option for him.”

— Charlotte Suiter

“He was found guilty of murdering five people, he does not deserve a parole.”

— Michael Baggett

“I remember when that happened. It was so terrible.”

— LaVerne Jordan Hollins

“Should have never been up for parole.”

— Robert Dean Hunter

“Serve your time.”

— Meka Jones

“Well, he deserves to be in prison. R. I. P. to those who lost their lives to him.”

— Elaine Fletcher

“Hell awaits his arrival!”

— Robert Fort

Flying GGG


“We fly out of Gregg County when we can. More flights would be great. Easy to fly out and fly into Gregg County.”

— Carrie Garcia Nutt

“I love flying out of GGG! It beats the drive to DFW any day. More flight times would be welcome, and I’m glad they’re offering a late flight from DFW to GGG. Keep up the good work!”

— Josh Douglas

“Yes it’s nice for delayed ops but a slightly earlier one around 7-8 p.m. departure to GGG would be nice.”

— Nic Summers

“Nic Summers, we have a 5:30 p.m. arrival from DFW to GGG.”

— Virginia Marshburn Hunt

Summer camp time


“Should make it a little more affordable for one-income families.”

— Rachel Rowan

“Eurie DeRoy Hardage weren’t you looking for stuff to do this summer?”

— Shelli Small Stargell

“Thank you so much!”

— Eurie DeRoy Hardage

“All of these camps are toooooo expensive.”

— Jacklyn Mims Carr

“We are having a Free Family Event June 9th: The Amazing Chemistry Show. 6:00pm starts. Free fish fry and family experience with over 170 hands on science experiments for kids and families. At 7:30pm starts the 1 hour show! You are welcome to come! 2105 E Loop 281 Longview, TX 75605 @ Woodland Hills Baptist Church!”

— Christy Marie Mayfield

“Awesome. Thanks, I am about to put this on my calendar now. Thanks.”

— Jacklyn Mims Carr

“Christy Marie Mayfield, is this available for anyone?”

— Teresa L Horton

“Yes it is.”

— Christy Marie Mayfield

Grilling debate


“I’m waiting for the guys with the electronic pellet grills to chime in!”

— James Halliburton

“Charcoal all the way.”

— Justina Moritz Taylor

“Charcoal for real grillers!”

— Keith London

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