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Beating the odds

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“Wow, just wow.”

— Judy Harper

“Very touching story with a great ending!”

— Heather Hill

“What a testimony! So proud of him.”

— Tyseria Donald Starling

“What a great attitude and determination this young man had in his life. Just a very inspiring story!”

— Alisha Scott

“Amen. God is good, he takes care of his own!”

— Roxanne Davis

“Love this! So encouraging!”

— Rosiland Scobey

“Harry is a remarkable young man. His past and future accomplishments will inspire many others who refuse to give up when life seems impossible. Blessings on Harry, and all those who have been — and will be — touched by his courage, determination, and faith!”

— Elaine Bussey

“These are the stories that need to be told! Congratulations Harry and kudos to the LISD teaching and coaching staff!”

— Miguel Larsen

“Wow! What an awesome testament to you, young man. Keep your eyes on the future and allow God to mold and make you into what you were created for. God bless the family that took you in as well. Blessings to you as you begin this new part of your journey.”

— Karen Petty Bobo

“Praise the Lord! That’s correct NEVER GIVE UP! I wish you the best on your journey. You are a survivor. Take care of your sister!”

— Kamesha Davenport

“Awesome testimony. Don’t know you but so proud of you for not giving up. Prayers for you and your sister, family/friends.”

— Brenda Collum

“This is a shining example of character, determination and overcoming adversity.”

— Ashley Rutherford

“So very proud of this young man! He will do great things in life, no doubt!”

— Charlotte McCain

“Marcus Harry you are an inspiration to everyone. You are a blessed young man.”

— DeeDee Sanders

“You are doing great Jr. I’m so proud of you. I just Know your potential is going to take you places u never imagined so far. Keep your Faith and head held high. Love you and CONGRATULATIONS.”

— Heaven Willamina Ward

“Speechless after reading this. Does anyone know if he and his sister will be reunited?”

— Nikole Dominguez

Securing the vote

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“Texas could take a page from nearby Colorado and make many of these issues go away. Voting by mailed-out ballot can be done securely — with proper processes, safeguards,and penalties in place. The editorial board is right about the need for a paper trail (or better yet, paper ballots, marked by the voter). Texas’ historical low turnout in elections is a product of policies designed to not encourage every eligible citizen to vote. Other states have taken the opposite approach. If you want to learn how this is done well, and where, check out

— Gerry Langeler

Alright, alright, alright

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“That’s my man.”

— Tonya Holloman

“Who is the photographer? He is fantastic!”

— Jerry A. Mullins

“So happy for all the LOBOS. Congrats!”

— Ashley-Meggan Bowie

“He has ALWAYS spoken from his heart. Proud to be a Longview Lobo graduate, too.”

— Janey Mashburn

Parsing the data

  

“Good job, Chris, for standing up for your beliefs. You are spot on. Too bad others are seemingly, without saying it, subliminally using the race card. Maybe a full-time superintendent would help matters. Can’t oversee from Lake Cherokee.”

— Billy H. Roy

“ ‘You are spot on’ says the white guy to the white guy regarding systemic racism that he couldn’t possibly experience. Not to be a jerk, but the only way you could understand is by listening to people who do experience it and accepting what they’re saying as truth, and then becoming part of the solution rather than continually perpetuating the problem. If silence is complicity, then openly denying the problem is perpetuating it.”

— Ashley-Meggan Bowie

“I would just like to see which gender receives the most in-school suspensions. There are more girls than boys in Longview ISD. I bet more boys get placed in there than girls. That is blatantly sexist. As a male that has had to deal with this my whole life it breaks my heart. I experienced firsthand getting paddled in school while a girl is issued a stern lecturing. Ashley please speak up for the males in this country that endure rampant sexism every day at our schools and in our Justice system.”

— Kevin Williams

“FYI to all on this thread: Hispanic is an ethnicity, NOT a race. Google it and understand. You can’t play the ‘race’ card when it isn’t even a race.”

— Karen Harris Jackson

“Billy H. Roy, your comments reveal your unwillingness to accept any statistical evidence that does not support your predetermined position.”

— Ron Glass

“What is the number representing those assessing the ISS? I’m assuming it is the teachers.”

— Bill Warren

“Kids are getting themselves sent to ISS. My son is of mixed race and has been disciplined A LOT, suspended, and ISS. I don’t believe it has jack to do with race. Not for my kid anyway. He has discipline problems and mental health problems and the school did more than enough to help him. And I’m not saying there is zero possibility of racism existing in the schools, just not at my son’s school and I’d be willing to bet not in most of the schools.”

— Brandy Roxanne Lachney

“It doesn’t seem right that your child is receiving punishment or suspension, instead of treatment, counseling or support for what you refer to as ‘mental health problems.’ If the discipline problems come from controllable behavior and recognizable bad decisions on his part that’s one thing. But if he has some form of mental illness that’s treatable, I would think options that treat the cause of the behavior would be preferred to ‘jail time’ in a low achieving environment. Too often, alternative school and suspension is used to get rid of students who need more support but can still achieve (along with the truly bad actors). Too often, minority kids get swept under the rug this way and set on a path of underachievement and further self destruction.”

— Japheth Pace

“Data can only be skewed if the numbers are skewed. That’s how data works. I’m sort of stunned that school board members are questioning how math works. ... Longview does an excellent job considering over half the students are considered at-risk for dropping out and even more are economically disadvantaged. I would encourage anyone living in some sort of idyllic shelter, some sort of Eden if you will, to perhaps venture out and see how the other half lives.”

— Ashley-Meggan Bowie

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