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Library donation

“I graduated from high school with Donna. Donna deserves this recognition as much as anyone I know. I’m thrilled to read this.”

— John Melvin Dodd

Back to schools

“I think it should stay like it is now. Focus more on the students. LISD, stop changing every year let US and Y’ALL get this going on the same page before adding more.”

— Temecca Armstead

“So why are they trying to make these schools charter schools again? It sounds to me like the administration wants less work to do, so they are turning over their operations to these two companies.”

— Mark Henry

“Hard to believe that double dipper Wilcox is still holding that position. Unreal.”

— Chris Smith

Traitorous behavior

Regarding “Letter: Won’t support a traitor to U.S.,” Wednesday:

“Good for you Ben. By the way, no one really cares what you think!”

— Shaun Ward

“Except for you, Shaun. You read it and emphatically posted a reply. Thanks for caring!”

— Hank Guichelaar

“What a majority of the people knew from the beginning is catching up with him. I think a lot more are coming to their senses. But there will always be a basket of deplorables.”

— Jo Black

“Jump right in the basket Jo.”

— Johnnie Heflin Melton

“No thank you. Thanks for the offer, but they would kick me out. I was raised better.”

— Jo Black

Former cop guilty

“She was a police officer. And as such is to be held accountable because of her training. Race had nothing to do with the jury’s decision. I am a professional and if I kill somebody because I was reckless, I would need to be held accountable regardless of that person’s skin color.”

— Bobby Ennis

“I was actually thinking this morning that she would be acquitted of all charges. I’m glad they made a good decision, and that we’re not in Florida!”

— Matt Bynum

“It was the right decision. The point she refused to render aid, it went from an accident (manslaughter) to murder as it became a conscious choice. On top of that, those in authority have a higher responsibility because they are both trained, but also are given life and death responsibility and thus have an informed judgment that a regular civilian wouldn’t.”

— Matthew Nehrling

“I can say she got justice. She killed him.”

— Shirley Ann Laing-Burton

“She should had paid more attention to where she was going. I really wonder if she did it by mistake or if there is more to this story because the carpet was a different color from hers. That should have made her stop and step back. I’m wondering is their something else maybe he saw something she was doing illegal or something.”

— Patsy Lenoir

“She’ll probably get probation.”

— Tino Tabares

“No, I don’t think she’ll get probation. She’s looking at 5 to 99 years.”

— Lynn M. Austin

“The decision was made not by race, but by justice and law-abiding citizens. Stop making everything to be about race. We are all God’s children no matter what color.”

— Lisa Barryer

“Race will be brought up in sentencing. She made racial text messages to her coworkers while working the MLK parade.”

— Ursula Jackson

“I never understand why color matters and why the media uses words like that. Race baiting. This was a women who shot an unarmed man.”

— Heather Groves

“We’ve always wished color didn’t matter.”

— Demarcus Alexander Sharp

“Race had nothing to do with any of it. It’s just sad that people keep bringing it up. Yes he was black. And she was white. So what? She’s an officer, she knew better, she took this guy’s life. She tried to cover up her mistake. He was a good Christian man and he was a fellow alumnus of Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.”

— Elaine Fletcher

“Heather Groves, the sad part about it is that in the end, it did. She made that clear with her text messages. We wake up everyday wishing it wasn’t about race.”

— Kesha Dawnielle Mayfield

“It might not be about race to you guys and I understand how you can think that way. To me it was all about race. The race part is unarmed blacks keep getting killed with no repercussions.”

— Gaylon Hyder

“Justice is served, doesn’t matter the color. Right is right.”

— Carrie Hodges

“Justice for him.”

— Kitty Rose

“It is so amazing how people are speaking on there being a black judge and all of the black jurors. But lest we forget, it was a unanimous verdict. That included the white jurors also. So let’s not use the racial game. I’m just saying.”

— Dionne Jones Canida

“Blacks had prepared for her to walk. Not because she was a police officer. Because unarmed blacks are being murdered without justice.”

— Gaylon Hyder

“This trial is a game changer! This case will force many police officers to study the books and what-if scenarios and think twice if there’s any way to save a human life before letting bullets fly. Perception is more powerful than reality and officers will be forced to make sure their perception is put in check. Study out all rationales and reasons before killing humans. Body cams will help mind check for those departments that have the equipment in place and part of department policy! Nonlethal force should always be a first option if there is no deadly force presented. Verbal commands should really be the first choice to get on the ground or show me your hands. ‘New laws’ requiring education training has to be priority for our officers.”

— Edward Glynn King

“Good. About time there is some justice in this world.”

— Jordan Wulbrecht

Lawmakers’ roundtable

“Vote Blue no matter Who.”

— Ken Han

“That sounds like the response of a low information voter.”

— Eric Kenny

“That’s coming from who?”

— Ken Han

“Ken Han, I think the orange man has driven you mad.”

— Ted Ferguson

Junction cleanup

“Needs to happen in other areas also!”

— Malinda Fried

“Needs to happen from U.S. 80 to South Longview. U.S. 80 is horrible, especially on the west side.”

— Patty Joyner

“Does anything happen if the owners do not do anything?”

— Jerry Bagley Jr

“What’s the over/under on any of these being for sale?”

— Matthew Nehrling

“It’s about time.”

— Marti Patten

Today's Bible verse

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.”

— Psalm 42:11

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