Coppedge: Please throw me in the briar patch

Quid pro quo

While most Americans are dealing with their daily routines, the political class in Washington is absorbed with the impeachment proceedings in the Democratically controlled House of Representatives. To date no “silver bullet” has been produced to kill Donald Trump’s presidency. But the proceedings will drag on for a while.

The Democrats have the votes in the House of Representatives to impeach Trump. But will they? And will Speaker Pelosi allow that vote to happen? If she does and they do, they will begin to really understand the term “buyer’s remorse.”

The impeachment hearings are under the total control of the Democratic Party. And Rep. Adam Schiff is the “Pied Piper” leading them over the cliff. The “rules” favor the Democrats and severely limit the Republicans in terms of what witnesses can be called and what issues can be explored.

If the House of Representatives votes to impeach President Donald Trump, then the game changes. If they have a vote and it falls short of impeachment, Trump claims victory. If the Democrats vote as most expect them to, Trump would be impeached.

That means the president is charged with “high crimes and misdemeanors.” That charge is then taken up by the Senate in a trial with the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court presiding. To convict requires a two-thirds majority of the Senate.

But this will be in a totally different environment from the one currently in place in the House hearings.

The Republicans will control the chamber, will set the rules, will decide which witnesses can or cannot appear. And all the witnesses that the Democrats prevented from appearing before the House impeachment hearing proceedings will certainly be asked to appear.

And the potential “guest list” includes not only the obvious Hunter Biden, but also would certainly unmask and include the “whistleblower.” Hillary could be called. The list is too long to enumerate here. And it is a “nightmare list” for the Democrats. Testimony could include damaging things for former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Schiff, James Comey, Andrew McCabe et al.

After all testimony is heard, a vote would be taken. Current Senate makeup is 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats. To convict the president would mean that all of the Democrats and 20 Republicans would have to vote guilty. If you think that will happen, you must surely still believe the “Tooth Fairy” will leave money under your pillow if you place your very recently lost tooth there!

The Democrats cannot afford to impeach Trump. Unless there comes forth a previously undisclosed bombshell transgression that is agreed by both sides to be such, an impeachment of Trump would open the Democrats to the type of treatment they are imposing on Trump and the Republicans in the House impeachment hearings now.

The impeachment of Donald Trump would not be the end game. It would only allow Trump and his allies the opportunity and means to effectively strike back. And this time, the deck would be stacked in favor of the Republicans and the president.

If Pelosi proceeds by allowing a vote on impeachment, the Democrats will not only open but explode “Pandora’s Box,” and they might not be happy with the debris field.

Will Pelosi pull back? She is not naive in the political sense. So will she craft some sort of face-saving alternative like a vote to “Censure the President,” for whatever that would be worth, to appease the far left. And importantly for her consideration is will the far left buy into that?

So, Donald Trump should relish the thought of his possible impeachment. And Joe Biden, the whistleblower, Hillary Clinton and most rational Democrats should pray that the House of Representatives does not impeach Donald Trump.

Caveat emptor.

— Dr. John R. Coppedge, a retired general surgeon and Longview resident, is an occasional contributor.

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