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Letter: A brutal occupation

A brutal occupation

Last week, Israel bombed Gaza again. Seven children and eight women were killed with a total of 30-something people killed, hundreds injured, over 500 homes or residences destroyed.

The reason given was to kill Islamic Jahid leaders. Usually, Israel will state they acted in response to rockets from Gaza, which usually do not inflict much damage. However, I think Israel began bombing before any rockets were fired in response to the attack. It seems Netanyahu’s ruling coalition was about to unravel. What to do? The radical Ben Gvir was threatening to pull his group’s support and Netanyahu would not be able to retain power.

But once the bombing and all began, all was kosher again (pardon the pun) and the coalition was sound. Nothing unites Israel like attacking Palestinians.

If reported at all in our media, those killed will be labeled as militants or terrorists. I believe a more appropriate description would be freedom fighters. Who among us would not resist a brutal occupation resulting in destruction of their homes, their olive trees, 500-plus checkpoints to go from one place to another and the constant threat of execution?

We supply weapons to Ukrainians resisting Russian occupation, but here the opposite.

— Jerry King, Kilgore