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Letter: A failed analogy

A failed analogy

I commend Noble Thomas for understanding the pro-life position claims the unborn are persons with an equal right to life (letter, June 5). But he goes on to say even if this is true, abortion should still be legal because they need the woman’s body to survive and this does not override the woman’s right to bodily autonomy. Just like a person can’t be made to donate an organ from their body, he says, a woman can’t be made to use her body without consent.

There are many things wrong with this analogy, but the biggest failure is ignoring the fact that even though we do have the right to refuse to donate our organs, we don’t have the right to then intentionally kill the person needing them. What happens in abortion is not simply refusing to donate one’s body, but deliberately destroying the one who needs it.

I agree all of us have the right to bodily autonomy, but that doesn’t mean we can use our bodies to inflict undue harm on other bodies, which is what happens in abortion. That is why abortion is unjust, why I’m pro-life, and why I support the most fundamental right of all women, born and yet to be born — the right to life.

– Caleb Epnett, Daingerfield

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