Letter: Ban high-capacity rifle clips

Ban high-capacity rifle clips

For over 50 years, I was an avid hunter. I bought my first rifle when I was 14 so I am not an anti-gun nut.

A number of unstable people with assault rifles have created atrocities in recent years using these rifles equipped with high-volume clips to kill many innocent victims. This situation has become a hot button political issue with many liberals/socialists calling for banning assault rifles or other guns.

This issue would cause some voters to vote for Democrats/socialists even though they don’t support socialism.

Republicans would be smart to call for banning all assault rifle clips that could contain more than four to six shells. This would not be an unreasonable change. For years, machine guns have been banned, and an assault rifle with a high volume clip is essentially a machine gun. An assault rifle with a low volume clip is just another rifle.

The penalty for possessing a high volume clip would have to be severe to be effective and to ensure most owners would comply.

This measure would not prevent all shootings, but it would reduce the number and extent of the shootings. It would greatly defuse the assault rifle issue being used by Democrats/socialists in their lust for socialism.

If the current issue still exists in 2020, it could give liberals enough votes to swing the presidential election.

— Don Peck, Longview

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— Psalm 42:11

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