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Letter: Barr can be trusted

Barr can be trusted

Specifically who are the “intelligence professionals” worried the attorney general will disclose classified information? (news story, May 25). William Barr was confirmed as attorney general with very high recommendations. Until we have reason to think otherwise, I believe he can be trusted.

The article states “Barr is a staunch Trump defender.” where is the proof? From what I have read he has a reputation for a just and legal interpretation and application of laws.

Mueller had two years and plenty of resources to make a determination. In one area, collusion, he made that determination, and in the area of obstruction he did not. He passed it on to Barr, Barr did the job and now Mueller should live with it.

The “intelligence experts” claim Trump is trying to do an end-run around U.S. spy agencies. The person who will work with Barr in deciding what can and cannot be released is National Intelligence Director Dan Coats.

In my opinion, articles such as this indirectly give a negative light onto our president. There are some readers who read headlines, or just a portion of an article. Usually, the challenging opinion is hidden near the end.

Jean Thomas, Waskom

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