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Letter: Can't escape Gohmert

Can’t escape Gohmert

As a former 20-year resident of Gregg County now living in Wisconsin, I can definitely say that I miss my friends in East Texas deeply.

What I do not miss is having Louie Gohmert as my congressman.

Unfortunately, at around 3 a.m. on Jan. 7, and after the violence perpetrated by a mob seeking to overturn the presidential election results, Gohmert decided to register an objection to certifying Wisconsin’s election results.

Unlike some others, the violence and lawlessness seen at the Capitol that Gohmert himself has helped to foment did not change his disturbing course. It is further confirmation of his lack of character and integrity. And this was on top of Gohmert’s frivolous lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence that was quickly dismissed

Fortunately, the senator he needed to back his objection withdrew his backing, and the objection was defeated without debate.

I thought I had gotten away from Louie Gohmert. I guess I was wrong. Gohmert sought to disenfranchise the voters of Wisconsin, of which I am one. I do not appreciate his disgraceful act. Sadly, it is one of many that he has been responsible for in Congress.

The bottom line is that any replacement for Louie Gohmert in Congress would be an improvement. It is long overdue.

Joe Biden is president elect and will be sworn in Jan. 20. The race was called Nov. 7. The winner has been known for awhile. The undemocratic behavior of Louie Gohmert will not change that.

— Vik Verma, Merrill, Wisconsin

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