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Letter: Count all of us

Count all of us

Who in the United States is not affected by governmental representation or the lack thereof? The framers of the Constitution understood nobody was, but even they originally wanted to count persons by fraction to hold power and diminish the influence of the lesser counted.

Improvement came with the 14th Amendment, Section 2, where “counting the whole number or persons” in each state was required to determine representation among the several states, but the amendment still had stated reductions for counting.

Improvement came with the realization that all persons cannot be actually counted. In 2002, the United States Supreme Court ruled upward imputation of the count can be used to determine the number of representatives, again realizing the actual uncounted are affected by representation.

Voters are a part of the whole number of persons in each state. They elect the number of representatives allowed by all who are in the United States. However, whether we can vote or not, count all of us. We are affected by representative laws for better or worse.

— Frank Supercinski, Longview

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Hebrews 13:5

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