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Letter: Deceiving ourselves

Deceiving ourselves

I just read the article by John Micek (column, Dec. 28). Wow, talk about an educated idiot.

While recapping the history of our country, he rightfully speaks of the horrors of slavery but in the next sentence lauds the rights of mothers to kill their unwanted children.

How was it our country was able to justify slavery? We did it by telling ourselves that slaves were “less” human than the rest of us. It’s the same ideology that Hitler used to weed out millions. And now, we use the same illogic to justify killing children in the womb. We deceive ourselves, saying the child in the womb is not a person.

True or false: When a woman is pregnant, there is another human being growing inside her. Clearly it’s true, and it’s cowardly men like John Micek who continue to perpetuate this lie.

Our society now embraces the slavery/Hitler ideology. We do it by deceiving ourselves. If we put a pretty package or bow on it, then people won’t really have to think about the horrors of abortion. Why else would we refer to the killing of children in the womb as pro-choice? Because it sounds much prettier than the truth.

— Mark William Bartlett, Longview

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Philippians 4:8

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