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Letter: Democrat up

Democrat up

OK, Tom Owens (letter, Oct. 20), I won’t blame Biden for high gasoline prices. I will blame the supposed 81 million voters who put Biden in office. You need to start living your vote.

Park your car that depends on fossil fuels and buy that electric vehicle . Ride the bus . Walk. Ride a bike. Break out your skateboard. Cover your roof with solar panels and charge that car with sun power. Lead by example as the Biden administration that you voted for works to force Americans to give up plentiful, affordable energy.

While you are at it, start living the rest of the Democrat agenda for America too. Turn in the guns that you keep for personal protection and depend on unarmed social workers to protect you while you ignore that criminals will not turn their guns in. Donate to pay other people’s college debt regardless of what you invested or sacrificed to earn your position in life.

Start paying your income taxes at the higher pre-Trump rates. Welcome illegals into your community and home without question. Never ask anyone for an ID for any reason. It is up to YOU to show us how great that will be.

Democrat up and show us Republicans the way.

— Al McBride, Longview

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