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Letter: Facts don't seem to matter

Facts don’t seem to matter

Many conservatives are pro-life and denounce abortion as murder even in the case of rape or incest. They will urge communities to pass local ordinances outlawing abortion and do everything possible to stop it. In this discussion, the highest good is the life of the unborn.

Yet many of these same conservatives will refuse any measure that could reduce the death toll that gun violence inflicts on our nation, which is the highest by far of any developed nation in the world. In fact, their answer to gun violence is more gun violence. In this discussion, the highest good is guns, the more the merrier. The lives of the born that will be lost? Not as important.

As a matter of history, the Second Amendment had to do with a well-regulated militia (read the first half of the amendment for the complete context) in the absence of a permanent standing army. But facts don’t matter to ideologues. And so this sad unremitting saga will continue until compassion fatigue will make us too exhausted and numbed to care any more.

— Reginald Killingley, Big Sandy

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