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Letter: Fortunate to have Dr. Zeid in Longview

Fortunate to have Dr. Zeid

I’m writing in response to the comments (Opinion, May 17) from readers about Dr. Yasser Zeid. What a shameful attack on one of our best physicians. He is the utmost professional; he is calm and kind and one of the most knowledgeable physicians in his field in this area.

Dr. Zeid is a professional. We see professionals to take advantage of their talents to help us in time of need. To judge someone’s work in relation to his/her personal life is at best petty and certainly slanderous. There but for the grace of God go any of us.

I am surprised the newspaper would allow these types of comments to be printed regardless of the venue.

Let the courts settle any issues here. Signing a work agreement, no matter the type, is a legally binding document. If you become employed with any company that holds proprietary information, processes, equipment, other work clauses (i.e. non-competing), etc. you will find it is one of the first documents requiring your signature.

I trust Dr. Zeid; he worked with me for several months prior to my surgery to ensure I could have the best outcome without issues in the process of recovery. We are fortunate to have him in residence here in Longview.

— Martha McKinley, Longview

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