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Letter: Get used to losing

Get used to losing

In the Jan. 9 edition of the New-Journal, Al McBride again flails against the bogeyman of voter fraud while ignoring the numerous studies that have refuted the notion. He disregards the fact that anyone — regardless of political affiliation — can vote by mail and that there are procedures in place to prevent fraud.

The real issue is that the credulous must be fed rumors to keep doubt of the integrity of our electoral processes alive. As a consequence, 10 Republican controlled state legislatures have proposed or adopted procedures to overturn the results of free elections and at least six others have initiated audits of certified elections without any resulting evidence of significant voter fraud.

The real issue is the retention of the reins of power by an increasingly demographic minority by any means, fair or foul. Proponents know fully well that in truly democratic elections in which all eligible voters can vote will result in their loss of that power.

Get used to losing unless you are willing to court the votes of everyone, regardless of ethnic origins. Our democratic institutions will prevail.

— Tom Owens, Longview

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“Come close to God and He will come close to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Be miserable, and mourn, and weep; let your laughter be turned into mourning, and your joy into gloom. Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.”

James 4:8-10

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