Letter: Hallsville ISD and free money

Hallsville ISD and free money

Hallsville ISD is promoting a new bond (taxpayer debt) package as free money. Pass the $55,000,000 bond package and your tax rate will actually be lower than current. Wow! Terrific!

We can build a new Hallsville ISD school inside the Longview city limits? Optics on that aren’t particularly good. Traffic control, infrastructure expense not included. Do you expect the city of Longview to pony up? You have that worked out?

We can build a magnificent new auditorium on the high school grounds. With this much free money, it may take awhile to decide how to spend it all. Conversely, we could prepare for and build momentum toward new facilities, etc., while preparing a thoughtful and considered bond proposal.

This is not a thoughtful proposition, it’s an opportunity to get a bucket full of free money and then figure out how to spend it. The state of Texas passed legislation intended to lower the burden on school district taxpayers.

Vote no.

— David Harrison, Hallsville

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