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Letter: I give, let's move on

I give, let’s move on

Is the media consumed with lifestyle conditions? If we are being honest with ourselves it is of little consequence to the general public if you are transgender, gay, bisexual or countless other terms and acronyms. Is there some prevailing need in the present to reconcile negative definitions toward those individuals of the past generations?

I cannot reconcile slavery nor am I interested in doing so. It came, it went and we hope to erase all the baggage by our present deeds and conduct toward descendants of that era. Can we not offer the same toward those of a different sexual identity spectrum?

Is the previous sentence prejudiced by its implication of the identity being different and therefore unusual or misguided?

Or, might we see the focus on those variations for what it is; an intellectual enlightenment that must be tutored to us all? Perhaps it is more of a political concept to demonstrate a higher level of caring, understanding and embracing all of humankind.

I am frustrated by the necessity of decent persons being required to adopt a kindred spirit with all those who are different in any manner. Racial or minority prejudice is a condition of circumstance whereby there is a lack of understanding another culture. Do we believe Mexico is prejudiced against Mexicans?

I give, so let’s move on.

Michael Stiles, Longview

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“If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.”

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