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Letter: It all comes down to golf

It all comes down to golf

Donald Trump’s defeat is assured. One can overlook much but will never forgive his cheating and paying off others to cheat at golf. For example:

Trump’s lifelong and numerous business cheats and failures; but Trump throwing his golf ball from the woods onto the fairway!

Trump’s lifelong use and abuse of women; but his throwing another player’s golf ball into a sand trap!

Trump’s habitual lying; but putting a golf ball on land when his previous one was hit into water, and Trump then denying it!

Trump’s lack of genuine self-esteem; but marking 4 on his scorecard when he had 8 strokes!

Trump’s laundering Russian money for years; but his claiming he wins golf tournaments that he never plays!

Trump’s trying to destroy effective alliances to help Russia; but his driving a golf cart on tees!

Trump’s asking others to break laws for him; but his driving a golf cart on greens!

Trump’s obstruction and disdain of law; but Trump hitting himself on the head with a golf driving club and then blaming his caddy!

Yes, we tolerate low-life individuals, but Trump’s habitual cheating at golf? NEVER!

Frank Supercinski, Longview

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