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Letter: It's just not your business

It’s just not your business

In 1973, the Supreme Court addressed the question of abortion by allowing women the right to privacy and control over their bodies, which ultimately made abortion procedures safe.

Lately, there have been several letters printed from erstwhile “pro-lifers” regarding their “solutions” to having an abortion — one going so far as to endorse a woman bringing a rapist’s seed to term. Will you personally adopt that child?

My question of pro-lifers and legislators: What business is it of yours?

Free contraception, education, access to child care/health care, and sex education reduce abortion, yet none of these is acceptable to pro-lifers. Their solution? Control all women by making abortion a felony, closing women’s clinics, harassing pregnant women, threatening/killing doctors, giving rapists parental rights, and electing Republicans.

Why not just ignore abortions like you ignore racism, white supremacy, homophobia, sexism, police brutality, refugees, homeless veterans, climate change, science, facts, President Trump’s affairs/constant lies, and the half million children currently in foster care?

The decision of whether to bear a child is simply not your business. Old white men can legislate all they want, but abortion will always be with us.

If a woman wants one, she’ll find a way, but instead of keeping it a safe medical procedure, pro-lifers are hellbent on returning to back-alley procedures with knitting hooks and clothes hangers. Why? What’s in it for you?

— Kathy Somer, Longview

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