Letter: Looking after all God's people

Caring for all God’s people

Six months ago, my parents felt impressed upon their hearts to feed God’s people. Magrill Park is all where it started. These people could be homeless, drug addicts, in between commutes or maybe just enjoying a day visiting with others.

We were upset to learn the new bus schedules, and the removal of the sheltered bus stop at Magrill Park (news story, Aug. 11). So, we went out searching and found several of God’s people at the Longview Transit transfer station by the Amtrak Station.

We are always happy to bless others as we have been blessed. Upon distributing our blessings with others, a Longview Transit employee met with us and asked us to leave, as we were not allowed.

I understand the issues of loitering. However, no matter what the circumstances are surrounding these peoples’ lives, it’s a blessing for them to recieve a blessing.

None of us are greater than the other. There may be many reading this who have wonderful financial stability. Perhaps you have been blessed beyond measure or maybe you’re like some of us who do struggle at life. Whatever the case, we have to remember that none of the materialistic items we have will go with us when we are dead and gone. We are all God’s people.

— Shaleah Langston, Kilgore

Today's Bible verse

“For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.”

— Titus 2:11

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