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Letter: More pressing issues than hair

More pressing issues than hair

I am so sick of hearing about another school district dictating hairstyle/color. It’s just hair! (news story, Sunday)

When I was in school, most guys had long hair and huge afros ruled. In my daughter’s class, colors were the norm. The class of ‘97 valedictorian had bright blue hair! Students wear uniforms to discourage inappropriate dress. How is hair choice inappropriate or distracting? It’s their hair. Let them have a choice about how they wear it. What’s next? No colored bands on braces?

Aren’t there more pressing issues to worry about, like school safety and students going hungry on weekends? Kids learn decision-making skills by having choices. Schools shouldn’t be allowed to dictate how a student (or staff member) wears his or her hair. That smacks of Big Brother, not Concerned Administration. If it’s not a threat to school safety, leave it alone.

By the way, I’m a 62-year-old grandmother who loves to see the creativity students show in the way they wear their hair. How boring it would be if everyone looked the same.

— Jane Byrne, Longview

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